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Lightroom CC – Exporting Images

*The product featured in this video is Lightroom Classic CC, previously known as Lightroom CC. For more information, please visit:

Learn how to quickly export large volumes of images in Lightroom.

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25 thoughts on “Lightroom CC – Exporting Images”

  1. Thanks Maam ! Perfect info. Hope they are the same on PC too

  2. Thank you for the informative video. I am trying to export my photo from Lightroom, but it exports the unprocessed photo instead of the edited one… Could you please help me out? Thank you in advance 🙂

  3. ok, how do you even get to the navigator window? my cc looks vastly different from yours. updates can really undermine tutorials

  4. JAZZ MAN says:

    Vastly over complicated! I just want to save my photos after converting them to black and white. I got an error message saying there was not enough room! Wrong, there was more than 100 Gb.

  5. Hello, i dont understand why lightroom resize all my images, for example they are 60×90 cm before importation and they become 12×20 around always when i put it back to photoshop. they are psd files before import and psd files on export i dont understand. Any ideas ?

  6. Hi, whenever I upload a picture that is edited in Lightroom on Instagram, the editing is removed and the original picture is uploaded. I am following the same export procedure as instructed above. Is there way to solve this. Thanks

  7. Saif Quadrii says:

    i dont like this video

  8. Sarah says:

    I hate lightroom can't wait to find a more user friendly software adobe sux its like using software from the 90s. Old and Clunky! BTW no explanation on how to export raw files for clients as some would like to be able to blow up images for posters/canvases etc.

  9. Huzby says:

    Ok, this is not working for me. Whenever I tell Lightroom to export my catalog as JPEG, it exports the original unmodified photos instead. I'm going bananas!

  10. chrisrndll says:

    I often export images for subsequent import into a PowerPoint presentation. This is time consuming because the custom order I establish in my collection is not preserved when exporting. Is there a way to preserve the custom order (on a Windows 10 PC) when exporting?

  11. Rich Tyson says:

    Great tutorial. I really appreciate it and please keep them coming. Again, thank you very much!

  12. Helixify says:

    how to u guys even have all those windows? I have Lightroom cc and I have NO export option anywhere. where are you getting that "navigator" window? all I can do is save the photo, please help me! lol

  13. What happens if we export from the develop module. Thats how ive been doing it all along.

  14. Steve Day says:

    I have issues with exporting DNG files to upload to Dropbox for a client I did some editing for. Yet after exporting as DNG the image that uploads to DropBox is actually the image before editing. Am I doing something wrong?

  15. John says:

    Most of these tutorials cater to photographers who have "clients" not hobbyists. She suggests not keeping a copy of what you export which is exactly what I don't want to do, erase something after its been edited.

  16. Daniel Ott says:

    Is there way to search for all photos which are not exported so far?

  17. Joseph Nazoa says:

    Great tutorial! Thanks for the priceless information!

  18. Are you kidding?! Believe me when I say – after years of working with LR – I HAD NO IDEA (foolishly, I guess) UNTIL RIGHT NOW that you are supposed to go initially from Library > to Develop > then BACK to Library! What?! Honestly, I thought it was a step-wise process, Open Lightroom, tag and select what you want to work on in the LIBRARY module, THEN go to the DEVELOP module as step two, then export your pictures from the Develop module. I have never seen anything, nor did I or my career photographer wife, know you are supposed to return to the Library module after doing your changes in the Develop module. Stunned is an understatement. I have never seen any instruction that states clearly that your originals are no longer in the Library, but your changes are there now. We have completely misunderstood that little fact.
    Please feel free to laugh, but I just can't believe how this was missed for years. Wow – do we feel DUMB! Thanks!

  19. This solved the mystery as to why my photos were blurry after exporting. I just changed the "Standard" to "High" setting in the "Output Sharpening" tab. The difference is magnificent! Thank you kindly, Julianne.

  20. Looking for some sizing help. I sell my clients digital negatives they all get printable up to 4×6 and the option to invest in printable up to 8×10 or printable up to any size. My guess is that they will go to Costco to make prints so I have been running test and printing them at Costco. I have tried changing the DPI, Pixel count, quality but no matter what I do they all look great up to a 11×14 I have not tried printing bigger.

    So in short for the 4×6 files I want them to break up when trying to print larger then 4×6.
    For the 8×10 files I want them to break up when trying to print larger then 8×10.

    I'm shooting with a Nikon D800 as well. Any help would be great. Thank you.

  21. Thanks for the video, but I am having a MADDENING experience exporting the images I have worked so hard to edit in the Develop Module: The CHANGES I worked so hard to do are not being exported, no matter what I do; LR simply exports the the files I started with. These happen to be DNG files and I have asked that they remain DNG files (I am selecting DNG as file type, not the "Original" button). Why isn't Lightroom not simply SAVING/EXPORTING my edits?? Main purpose of Lightroom CC, No?

  22. Alex Juan says:

    i want to ask for the image size you do…its compatible in facebook?

  23. Thank you! Great video and easy directions!

  24. Rui Pedro says:

    thx, very usefull!!

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