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Lightroom CC – Importing Photos from your Computer into Lightroom

*The product featured in this video is Lightroom Classic CC, previously known as Lightroom CC. For more information, please visit:

Discover how to quickly import photos from your computer into Lightroom.

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39 thoughts on “Lightroom CC – Importing Photos from your Computer into Lightroom”

  1. Justin Rieta says:

    this is the rarest video on this topic, thank u ! ur the only once explained it CLEAR !!!!!

  2. You need to improve your tutorial

  3. this is the clearest explanation yet. Thanks kid

  4. sashasue says:

    It would be very helpful, and less confusing, if you would change the title to Lightroom Classic – Importing Photos from your Computer into Lightroom. Thank you.

  5. Angelo Cruz says:

    Thank you very much I was getting frustrated I had to update my lr but your video helped me a lot

  6. this screen looks nothing like my lightroom and there is no add. I do see a plus sign, but i can't click on it. hmm help

  7. JOHN POGINY says:


  8. Fantastic learning tool for Light room

  9. Rachel F. says:

    my tf does my lightroom look Nothing like that

  10. Alina Martin says:

    I have a micro SD card in my computer and I'm intending to keep to there as permanent storage for my RAW files, but Lightroom is insisting on IMPORTING to my computer instead of just showing them in lightroom with the SD as the location for them. Please help!

  11. Mary L Scaia says:

    This isn't lightroom CC, but is lightroom classic CC

  12. Annie D says:

    What is the difference between "Copy" and "Add" when importing? If I make changes to an image that was "Added," would it affect the original file?

  13. I just wan to fucking import from the photos app! Is that so damn difficult for you ?

  14. John Dynia says:

    Lightroom can be described in two words, clunky and slow. And like most if not all Adobe, it is not user friendly.

  15. k b says:

    its olllddd… take it downnnn

  16. ya tu sabes says:

    This fucking lady is so fucking stupid

  17. Dadev3 DD says:

    Best into to Lightroom after painful search. Thank you!

  18. Ian Smith says:

    I have just downloaded LR. I followed these steps but the import button is grey out?

  19. Allan Nduati says:

    Why are my images importing in thumbnails?

  20. I edited some pictures on light room and put them on a flash drive and now the pictures on the flash drive have the rating stars on them. How do I remove from my pictures?

  21. Non of my photos are showing up as I am trying to import them from my Mac Photos App. Why are there no photos?

  22. How do you  import Raw to lightroom

  23. thank you! At what point do you delete bad photos? After you inport?

  24. Mahib Didar says:

    after importing my photos when i click into develop option, the photo turns into blue !!
    why is that happening ??
    I'm using lightroom 6

  25. Very helpful, thanks.

  26. Miketrt says:

    I hate the way LR does this.. some pics show up, some don't.  Big PITA but then again probably at least partially operator error.

  27. Thomas Smith says:

    This is not what the description says. People want to import photos mostly from what is on their hard drive, but you, speaking very quickly, describe transferring from a camera card placed in a computer.

  28. Dave Co says:

    hi there im clicking the import button and it leads me to all folders and if i choose one of the folders its always said no photos found please help im using mcbook pro 2015

  29. SKYEakaAK47 says:

    What happened to the pictures from the old adobe revel? I thought they would get transferred to the new thing?

  30. MrBluesfly says:

    It was that simple!! I try to find an answer to that the last 10 hours!!!!!!!
    Nobody talks about add!! Thank you so much.

  31. Elaine M says:

    I also like Julieanne's presentation and her voice is easy to listen to. Help! I imported 21,000 images from a PC to iPhotos on iMac. Then I downloaded the newer Photos on Mac and finally imported all to Lightroom. It took overnight but all images are now in LR. LR also imported many images I thought were previously deleted in Photos (now I must clean them out again). My Library now is by dated folder containing the images from that "event" and then LR also created a full collection for me by main "event", which is how I had them organized originally. I need to now clean out images from certain events. My instinct is to do the clean up from the Library, right? It seems when I delete images from Library it does not sync or take them out of the Collections. How can I make these edits only once?

  32. What a bunch of crap' Friggin so hard to work with.

  33. zach,
    quick beginners question. Once I imported the pictures to Lightroom and later try to retrieve and view them they are grey out, denoting they have been imported. I can only bring one picture back by double clicking. What can I do to bring the pictures back so I an work with the in the Develop mode. Thank you

  34. jb says:

    why don't my photos show up in the drop down on the left as hers do? I am on an Apple computer using iPhoto

  35. Hi I would like to know what is the best way to import photos from photo (iMac) into light room

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