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Lightroom CC – Web Collection Sharing Across Devices

*The product featured in this video is Lightroom Classic CC, previously known as Lightroom CC. For more information, please visit:

Learn how to quickly share collections of images across desktop and mobile devices.

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19 thoughts on “Lightroom CC – Web Collection Sharing Across Devices”

  1. eric lipnack says:

    How can I remove a photo in a collection?

  2. eric lipnack says:

    How do rename photos that are in a collection?

  3. Hi, is there a way for my client to be able to leave me a comment with instructions, or mark to delete or keep, without signing up? It would be so useful to me! Lory x

  4. jlua says:

    I wished there was a way to add a caption, such as the "Caption" filed of the Metadata to each image, so that the recipients know what each image is about. I doesn't seem that it is possible to do that right now.

  5. "there is no way to filter the photos with likes and differ it from the ones with comments. really useless!! what a shame! " I refresh this comment wich is totally true by Yuval Yosef

  6. Yuval Yosef says:

    Very nice feature B U T … there is no way to filter the photos with likes and differ it from the ones with comments. really useless!! what a shame!

  7. Scott Weaver says:

    How can the file name of the photos display (in the web display of the collection)? I like seeing the grid of images but my client will need to see the file name. Thanks

  8. Foolish Mr P says:

    watermarking is a major issue for this feature when sharing to clients……….. It won't allow you in Lightroom to apply this feature unless exporting. Anybody have a workaround for this Web collection and sharing.

  9. Linda Maier says:

    Thanks for the great video! It's been updated and they no longer need an Adobe ID, which is great. Is there any way to check to see who I shared it with and whether or not they actually viewed the photos, other than if they like or comment on a photo? With Dropbox or Google Photos I can see at a glance who I shared with and I get notified when each person opens the link. I miss that feature with LR, unless I’m missing something, and I hope I am.

  10. They could almost add a shopping cart feature in the next update to compliment this, would be sweet! Great vid btw, super helpful as usual!

  11. Hi Julieanne, can you please help me with watermarking? I have created a watermark and I want to edit it, but somehow it always shows up the same as the previous pictures. I have tried selecting to go to the centre and its not going there. Also I made the mistate of calling itn copywrite@……………and numbers to the end. What I want to di is use the c symbol instead of the word copywrite. I have tried to correct this also on my Nikon Camera D5500 and I am stuck. Do you have a video showing how to apply watermark?

  12. Janet Vienna says:

    Hi, how can I put my watermark to prevent the clients to download photos?

  13. Hi Julianne, Is it possible to search the gallery online? For example if it's a large gallery would you be able to search for faces and then only see the photo's with that persons face, or perhaps search via tags?

    Many thanks

  14. Great tutorial as always Julieanne and this is a quite useful feature.

    A few questions/suggestions:

    1. I noticed that the Watermarking appears on the Web Gallery but it is not present on the images saved to the URL, it that a bug?
    2. I noticed that the viewer of the URL cannot right click then save the image …I would actually have liked to provide this as an option as its an easy way to share images
    3. Others have mentioned it but a non-Adobe viewer of the URL CANNOT like or comment on any of the images, this is not very useful to restrict access to comment or like. Comments/likes can easily be restricted by the user by simply only sending the URL to the intended commenter, there should be no need for the viewer to have an Adobe account

  15. Gui Coelho says:

    It's getting better and better!!!

  16. David Heaton says:

    Hi Julian. Thanks for the video. Is there a way around someone having to sign up to Adobe to comment on the images? That doesn't really make sense to me because a client doesn't want to do that just to use this. Can you let me know? Thanks

  17. It appears to me that sharing the link to a collection is not for "anyone" to comment. They have to login with an Adobe-ID, which makes it a bit unsuitable for client proofing?

  18. What is the best (most efficient) strategy if I want to share pictures with different groups of people, add pictures form time to time to an album, giving people the option to return to the web album as many times as they want, add a comment or even save and print a picture when given permission ? Lightroom mobile ? Flickr ?

  19. Ron Comstock says:


    does the viewer have the ability to rt click and save image to their device or computer?

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