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Lightroom SECRET WEAPON! Adobe Lightroom Auto Enhance!

How often have you wished that you didn’t have to manually adjust photos in Lightroom? Look no further than the Adobe Lightroom Auto Enhance Button! The Lightroom Auto button activates futuristic artificial intelligence with no desire to rule the world. It just wants to edit your photos for you!

This is Adobe Lightroom’s SECRET WEAPON. It’s not a fix-all but the Lightroom Auto Enhance button often gives you a great starting place for your Adobe Lightroom workflow!

□ I GET…

15 thoughts on “Lightroom SECRET WEAPON! Adobe Lightroom Auto Enhance!”

  1. Dunna Did It says:

    Do you think Lightroom's artificial intelligence is trying to take over the world!?!?!? 😳🤔🤫🤭🤯

  2. how to click the auto button tutorial

  3. I need to edit about 4,000 pictures and would like to use auto edit. Can I also batch edit using auto?

  4. thalegacy6 says:

    Mine almost always works overexposes but hey if it's a place for many to start why not at least try it? Thanks for the video sir!

  5. ken newby says:

    Is there a way to batch AUTO a set of photos . Where it’s the same as if I’ve clicked auto on each photo individually and lightroom treats each photo individually based on the photo itself without me having to sit and click each photo, Ive tried the SYNC option but that just copies the settings of the last photo edited and pastes those settings onto the rest which isn’t good.

  6. oh man, you really did a video about clicking 'auto'.. lol

  7. Auto subscribe after that tipp! Thanks so much

  8. Szymon PL says:

    version Lightroom?

  9. You will grow up very fast bro… keep doing better every time… great videos

  10. ok second video, okay didn't get it at first. it's a parody, right? ok it IS funny

  11. I really doubt that this feature needs a video. I mean it's an AUTO button. It's not even a feature.

  12. I dont have a pc soo…😂
    Nice vid anyways😁

  13. Film Krue says:

    Dude such a useful video!! glad to have seen it..

    I aslo have peters pretsets lol

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