Adobe Tutorials Adobe Lightroom Lightroom vs ON1 vs Capture One vs LightroomCC | Which is best?

Lightroom vs ON1 vs Capture One vs LightroomCC | Which is best?

What is the best photo editing software for your RAW files? Here we take a look at four of the most popular and compare Adobe Lightroom Classic, ON1, Capture One and Lightroom CC.

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33 thoughts on “Lightroom vs ON1 vs Capture One vs LightroomCC | Which is best?”

  1. What about Luminar 4? anyone have experiance whit that program? myself i use a Fujifilm xt-3. but have not decited what program i should use.

  2. John Davies says:

    great video answers all the questions on comparison in a not too long video

  3. On1 is extremely slow using a network NAS drive on Windows – almost unusable. You need to copy your files on local harddisks. C1 can cope with this. LR (last purchase version) needs mapping with "Visual Subst" but is then quite fast using a NAS

  4. I use Fuji for 3 yr now and I cannot recover highlights in ON1 the same way as in Lightroom. As a 10yr Lr user and now with Lr in Ipad pro i can take my edits everywhere, being Lr Classic to slow i wish Adobe could implement the Lr cloud engine to the Classic, its so much faster to edit in the iPad than in my Mac Pro.

  5. ON1 seems similar to Luminar:
    You don't "have" to update every year, except there's an incredibly strong push to do so . Regardless, the per-month cost averages out to less than with either Adobe or Capture One, but they also DO less.

    I'm drawn towards Adobe for a few reasons: They're honest about it being a subscription (Capture One 12 is superseded by … version "20" LOL) and quite frankly Lr and Ps are standards. Little wonder so many videos like this criticize the Adobe products yet still conclude they aren't about to quit the company.

  6. As a professional photographer, I use On1 for portraiture and fashion, Capture 1 for Commercial and Lightroom for Real Estate. Why, Capture 1 is magic tethered and allows me to make adjustments on the first image that carry through to the subsequent ones. On1 has some great stacking of localized or masked effects so I can get the looks I want as presets. Lightroom work great for managing composites so I can stack a group of shots from a room and then send them as layers to Photoshop to finish. If only this feature was in capture 1 I would not need lightroom at all. Price I don't consider factors into it at all for anyone making money from their images as the cost is far less than any studio / equipment costs and even a good MacBook Pro is more than 50x the price of some of these products. For a hobby photographer, it is hard to beat what ON1 offers or lightroom in the CS subscription.

  7. Legolasicek says:

    Have you tried DXO Photolab? I'm very curious about comparing that especially to C1…

  8. Luke Po says:

    Hi, one thing you forgot to say is the" ON1 Plus" option at $49.99/year, that is the best educational bargain training allowing you to learn a lot about ON1 & photography from scouting to learning the basics of photography and more advanced techniques & printing. You can also download most of the training files & videos, to keep forever.

  9. M E says:

    Probably the best level-headed comparison out there. A quibble or two but the main one is the usual crap about subscription software.
    1. One time buys are more expensive up front 2. subscription updates have been better then the "free updates" in my experience 3. The upgrade updates are unpredictable and are a general nuisance. Subscription stability rocks.
    Otherwise rock on FMP!

  10. Nildo Scoop says:

    Lightroom and Affinity. Works like a charm.

  11. P.Records says:

    DxO PhotoLab is Amazing!!!

  12. I have all 3 of these, as well as a few more apps, and the last one I would recommend is LR CC. You video sounds like it is advising for pro shooters, yet thendummies down to the beginner, or the casual user with the iPad CC use suggestion. Maybe that works on a trip and you took some lanscapes you want to tweak and upload, but not in a pro shooter use of apps. OnOne shows it is POOR as a processor as you just showed how it cannot handle over exposed transitions. This means it lacks the precision of granular differences in its processing. So I would X that out as a processor, likely the reason I dont use it as it sits idle on my computer installed. C1 is nice, but it is a bit complex, BUT I think is worth learning, and it maybe worth the price as a single camera brand use when on sale at $100-150. I don't like their pricing sturcture as every 2 years they force a new non upgrade version on you if you didnt upgrade between the 2 versions. I use LR classic on the desktop for the majority of things, although I have other apps idle, and will try them out, like Affinity, Luminar4, Even Exposure X5 maybe a way to go. I do like OnOne, as I have used their plugin for years , but processing maybe not a good one. That last image has so little information, it maybe pointless to even discuss it. I somehow doubt OnOne can compete with C1 in the sharpness and overall loo. C1 is superior in color editing, and you can mask local areas with brush, etc.

  13. On1 releases a new version every year – which might sound great, but you can only buy a license for current year. Their upgrade price is too steep given that they only evolve the product a few features at the time.

    If you want to stay up to date with on1, then it's like paying an annual subscription fee. This will add up over the years. It;s not inexpensive of "cheap" if you want to have the latest version.

    This year, they finally allow you to use an x-rite color checker. Now I gotta pay $80 for that.

  14. You are wearing a black shirt, mine's white. You use a Mac, I'm running on Windows. You have used Lr for years, I have used Capture One for years.

    I have been using Lr this year, don't like it. I like that it can do HDR and stitch stuff together. Those, along with price, are my biggest concerns with C1. I haven't upgraded to 12 yeat, I intend, and with the free upgrade to 20, that might be my last. I am starting to look around.

    I think in On1, a double click on the slider know resets it.

    I always hit auto, if I can find it, and use that as my starting point.

    C1 export is vastly superior to Lr's.

  15. Very fair and helpful comparison indeed – thanks for that!

  16. Joe Franckel says:

    Great Vlog, but take a relook at On1 as some of the issue you mentioned have been addressed

  17. On1 and Affinity for Me. On1 has recently released a new version which is a major update on the version reviewed here. The print module has been overhauled. It now has a map module, that Lightroom V6 no longer has. It doesn't work on a catalogue so you can easily move things around from outside of the program, and it works seamlessly on three very different PC's. I'm so done with Adobe, and the subscription thing. Even worse for the UK is they charge us more than the Americans, that really stinks!

  18. tectorama says:

    Being about three times the price, you would have expected Capture One to be better than On1. I don't need to
    leave my Lightroom stand alone V.6 yet, but have been testing out various options. Exposure X5 is quite good,
    but I find the switching between functions very clunky. The graduated filter is also awkward to use. I thought
    this was going to be the programme to go with, but now I'm not so sure. On1 was my second choice, and the
    interface seems closer to Lightroom, so I shall possibly be going in that direction.

  19. After years of using Lightroom I switched to Capture One. Capture One handles Fujifilm RAF files very good. Lightroom doesn’t. Until today, Lightroom makes these strange wormy artifacts. And for some reason, they can’t seem to fix this. Also the color editing features in C1 are amazing and the results are wonderful. The Fujifilm profiles in C1 give the same results as the SOOC jpegs. Can’t say that about LR.

  20. CaprureOne. Every day. All days.

  21. S.H. says:

    would be so amazing if you upload in 4k… would make the images that much clearer… 🙁

  22. I used lightroom for years and I loved it but now I discovered Capture one 12 pro… another planet.
    Capture one pro allows you to do everything you can imagine with your picture, it's far more complicated than lightroom it's true but the results are far more better too.
    Can you review luminar 3 and darktable too?

  23. Very interesting, thanks Adam. I'll keep with Lightroom classic for the time being, i can't complain about speed, after a few simple tweaks it's running very smoothly on my custom built PC. I gave dxo labs a try recently, i was told the denoise tool is much more effective than the one in Lightroom. But i couldn't get on with the ergonomics and user interface. It's hard to change your workflow once you are used to a specific software

  24. You should have mentioned that ON1 upgrades the software each year at a cost which almost resembles the initial cost. So there have been some complaints about it still feeling like a rental model. But I agree it can be a good value for money alternative.

  25. JF_ PHILIPP says:

    Thank you for the demonstration 🙂 I should say, i tried and used a lot a bunch of softs still years and passed thousand of hours learning and managed them ! today, my preferences are going to ON1 RAW which is a swiss knife !! don t need PS for my raw anymore ! a beautiful soft ! You can do a lot inside and is incredibly powerfull when you master his possibilities of masking ! JF

  26. I started watching but gave up because, although you were trying to be systematic (a) you had yourself in the video far too much, b) you wave your hands around constantly which is distracting, c) trying to comment on 4 images from 4 different cameras about 4 apps in one video is too complex and fussy–choose one or the other to work on I suggest–and d) your examples of ON1 were too limited so lacked credibility to me which meant I couldn't be bothered with the rest. I think the idea was good–just trying to give you some feedback. \–hope you don't mind.

  27. GOZARCK says:

    Capture One is the BEST!. Image core is a master piece!.

  28. A Huge advantage to Adobe workflow is 32 bit floating math Raw LAYERS IN Photoshop!!! Raw Smart Objects… The future of photography.

  29. Aleks OAS says:

    Are you sure you were editing your images in 16bits on ON1? That issue looked like you were running out of colours which usually happens when the file is being edited in 8bits instead of 16.

  30. Davies Zulu says:

    trying to lean capture one

  31. Not really sure what the objectives of this comparison actually was. 2 versions of Light Room from Adobe? Why not check out a couple of excellent RAW editing programs that are totally free? Check out Rawtherapee and Darktable, both very nice bits of software and it gets you out of the noose that Adobe conveniently put around your neck.

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