Adobe Tutorials Adobe Lightroom Lightroom XMP Preset Installation 7.3 Update Tutorial (How To Install Presets In Adobe Lightroom)

Lightroom XMP Preset Installation 7.3 Update Tutorial (How To Install Presets In Adobe Lightroom)

How to install XMP presets in Lightroom. Lightroom changed their files from .lrtemplate to .xmp, so all new presets are now stored in the adobe camera raw settings folder as xmp files instead of .lrtemplate. Installation is similar to previously, except to install lightroom xmp develop presets you now have to move them into the adobe camera raw settings folder, rather than the previous lightroom presets folder!

Download the preset in this video:…

46 thoughts on “Lightroom XMP Preset Installation 7.3 Update Tutorial (How To Install Presets In Adobe Lightroom)”

  1. Rip, still didn't work

  2. i did all you said but there is no "settings" folder in cameraraw, what should i do?

  3. I’ve tried what you just showed in the video but for some reason is not working for me
    I’ve got Lightroom 2007-2017
    7.0 release and my preset is xmp and still not working please need some help

  4. i dont have setting menu on camera raw, please help

  5. Ramadhani, F says:

    thank you so much!!

  6. Parmida MB says:

    It would've been an awesome video if i could understand what you're trying to say, a little too fast..

  7. Wilson Pires says:

    jesus christ that lip noise sounds like you are drooling, couldnt watch with sound, really anoying dude, to not say disgusting sorry.

  8. i created a folder user preset then paste the xmp file but its not working i have cc as well how to solved this?

  9. Anabell Jass says:

    How do i install xmp and dng into lightroom cc mobile?

  10. This was SO freakin helpful. Question though – I also have a copy of the presets in the develop folder in the xmp format… can that be deleted? And what about the old backups of old formats, are they useless now and deletable?

  11. R G says:

    What if you only have the mobile Lightroom?

  12. good afternoon.
    can you help me with a problem
    and I have some folders with lightroom presets and when I put them in the camera raw settings folder. So far no problem.
    but when I open lihgtroom it takes other folders and does not update the folder names.
    because I made a reorganization of my presets and they always continue in the old place …
    thank you

  13. Jacob says:

    There's no userpresets folder inside of cameraraw settings folder. Also when i place them in there they don't actually appear in lightroom classic cc

  14. a p says:

    i use lightroom 6, i recently bought some presets but they are xmp files is there any way i can import these or did i just waste my money?? please someone let me know.

  15. For those who are looking for a way to convert xmp files back to lrtemplate (or vice versa):

  16. I do not have Settings in Camera Raw. Help.

  17. Anna Denney says:

    In my Settings folder I do not have another folder that says user presets. My develop presets are just in the Settings folder. Is that why none of them will let me import them into Lightroom? Is that why none of them are showing up in my room no matter what I do? How do I fix this I am so frustrated! Anybody know?

  18. A. says:

    My Lightroom looks NOTHING like yours. I'm currently using the $9.99 monthly version and I don't have near as many features??? Am I even able to install XMP files?? I tried going to file and "Import profiles and Presets" and it says they imported but they're NOT showing up! HELP ANYONE?

  19. Renee Bello says:

    got new presets and followed your instructions to a t but the presets are not showing up in lightroom…i've done it 3x… they are the new .xmp files…all my other presets loaded when i updated to the classic

  20. spanish. ink says:

    can transform .xmp to .LR ?

  21. Here's a tool to batch convert back and forth your xmp/lrtemplate presets:

  22. VHS says:

    I purchased your Full Bundle and it's only DNG files. Can't use them in Photoshop or Lightroom. This is a total scam.

  23. Jaswati says:

    Hi there! I've everything updated but still, I can't import any presets. Neither from the Import button in Lightroom nor putting them in the Settings folder. Any suggestions?

  24. why not all preset on my folder is not showing. from 10 preset in one folder it only shows 8 preset. the 2 is missing. thanks

  25. Lukas Klima says:

    It doesn't work in my case.. i don't understand that. shitty adobe

  26. Owslum says:

    fucking doesn't work uhhhhh

  27. Thank you! This was driving me nuts because I was doing it the old way. Much appreciated!

  28. Ju SY says:

    No me funciono, no aparecen

  29. I don't have the user preset folder?

  30. Heather says:

    Any tips on how to get them to show up? I followed all directions..

  31. I don't have the 'settings' folder in adobe camera raw!?

  32. Heather says:

    I've tried three times and quit LR and reopened and nothing is listed under the folder of new presets I'm trying to import. Need help!!!

  33. UTDMAN4EVA says:

    I've got a question for you all. I also got some cinematic wedding presets but they all came with black stripes like you would see in the movies. I really like the colour settings of these presets but I don't want to have panels at the top and bottom. IS there a way of editing these presets so I can be (black panel) free?

  34. Phil Roussin says:

    I have to say I'm very confused! I usually work on a Home PC but I'm on the road right now and work from my Laptop. I use the monthly subscription of creative cloud and did all the latest updates on both my PC and my laptop. Still on my laptop LR doesn't want to accept XMP files. It still uses LRP files for presets. I'm very confused to why that is!!!

  35. Phil Roussin says:

    It seems like its not working for me!

  36. Besim Mydyti says:

    If you have a folder with 100 presets and you want to import to Preset Group, how do you import? It doesnt import directly to preset group, it imports always to user preset group..

  37. All you have to do is use the regular "Import" option in Lightroom and the .xmp files will easily transfer over into your User Folder. I just tried it… worked just like before the newer version of Adobe Lightroom. 😊IDK, maybe this person I got the presets from used a different coding method to be able to use the "Import" option instead of going through the Preference menu.

  38. will people on older versions be able to import the same way ? why did they even do this ?

  39. Mikeoohhh says:

    I LOVE you for this video. Seriously I've been trying to figure this out and was losing it hahaha
    THANK YOU!!!!!

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