Adobe Tutorials Adobe Lightroom "LIVE" Adobe Lightroom CC RAW Editing Tutorial

"LIVE" Adobe Lightroom CC RAW Editing Tutorial

Click Here to download four RAW FILES to edit in Adobe Lightroom CC

The other night Matisyahu came into town to play a show and invited me out to take some photos but more importantly enjoy the show.

When I sat down to edit the images I figured why not share my process with all of you guys. I fired up screen flow and walked you through how I selected the keepers to edit followed by allowing you to watch each edit LIVE…

20 thoughts on “"LIVE" Adobe Lightroom CC RAW Editing Tutorial”

  1. I love what you do and I love these videos

  2. Ray Fisher says:

    I love watching the process

  3. Enjoyed the fuck outta this.

  4. Dear friend.
    I have a very big problem with RAW.
    My camera is a Fujifilm X-100T, absolutely excellent camera.
    Following your advice I have been shooting in RAW.
    The tragedy is that when I import with Lightroom CC darkens me all the images.
    Nor let me change the order of my pictures as it did in nates Bridge.
    This never happened to me with JPG.
    Can you help me?.

  5. i really enjoy your videos man, you truly inspires me.. i'm having photography as my hobby right now and really enjoy taking photos, your videos taught me a lot about photography.

  6. RVTN360 says:

    Excellent video and love your editing process. This helped me determine certain aspects about my own photos as to whether they should be color or not. Things like the lighting and the overall feel of photo. Definitely want to see more video like this!

  7. Fro there is much to learn from your videos, but your editing techniques suck. It's just like lets push some sliders and look if it pops. There is no analysis and no where do I want to get to, you should know what you want before pushing any slider. Btw. the exposure and contrast sliders usually are not used, because whites, black, highlights and shade sliders have the same effect but with much more control. So why using exposure and contrast at all. Usually the first thing you touch are this sliders, which show you have no idea what you are doing.

  8. Shaya Maddex says:

    he wore his good luck socks

  9. Do you use Sharpening on those pictures?

  10. I'd rather watch 100 episodes of these than 1 episode of pewdiepie.

  11. Great video!!! Half of the fun is editing the pictures. I enjoy it as much as shooting.
    Thanks for sharing it

  12. James Howe says:

    Jared. Liking the photos and the colours man . Great edits!!

  13. Chris says:

    Thanks, Jared. I learned a lot from this! Love to see more of these videos.

  14. rhamses says:

    I really like this type of video Jared, keep doing them pls 🙂 What is funny though is how different are my thoughts from yours about the editing nowadays. When I started watching you, used to going with your opinion, but after a couple of sets edited I think i'm forming my own editing style. All this thanks to you =D Thank you

  15. This was awesome! Would love to see more of these kinds of videos in the future.

  16. Hello Jared! Thank you for sharing this, I really enjoy these kinds of videos 🙂

  17. do more this editing video. it works for me to learn everything

  18. loved that vid! can't wait for more 🙂

  19. Really enjoyed this thanks!

  20. I dig it, do it more often. I enjoy your perspective.

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