Adobe Tutorials Adobe Audition Live Sound Design with Mark Edward Lewis (Au) – 1 of 3

Live Sound Design with Mark Edward Lewis (Au) – 1 of 3

Join Director Mark Edward Lewis on Adobe Live to learn about audio, editing and mixing in the latest release of Audition CC. Today, Mark will teach you how to properly record and clean up vocals in Audition CC. If you want to remove unwanted sounds and learn how to use spectral editing, this segment is for you!

Mark Edward Lewis is an award winning Director and a post production supervisor for both live action and animation who specializes in creating powerful media for clients on time and…

4 thoughts on “Live Sound Design with Mark Edward Lewis (Au) – 1 of 3”

  1. FYI: Mark's videos in the Learn dialog do not play for some reason. I've tried clicking on them and hitting the spacebar to start them. Product support wasn't too helpful so I'm leaving a comment here. I'm on a MacBookPro running macOS Mojave (10.14.6)

  2. I follow Mark Edward Lewis on his channel, Cinema Sound, and he is absolutely incredible. Great video!

  3. Thanks Adobe for this live!!
    And congratulations to the presenters, they were very clear !!!
    It would be nice to see other live on Audition !!

  4. I've been wanting to learn this for forever. I'm excited

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