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Loupedeck CT: Intro to Adobe Photoshop

Meet the Loupedeck Creative Tool, the editing console designed to enhance creativity and boost productivity. Control everything from photo, video, music and design all from one sleek console.

Loupedeck CT comes equipped with native integrations in Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, Lightroom Classic, Illustrator, After Effects and Ableton Live, and also comes with a set of default workspaces to help you stay organized and enhance the creative editing experience from start to finish….

17 thoughts on “Loupedeck CT: Intro to Adobe Photoshop”

  1. hi, i seen it works with after effects, but how? and can i make it detect other programs like OBS or even games to make macros?

  2. Felipe Gl says:

    Where i buy in Brazil?!?! 🙁

  3. Peter Luk says:

    unfortunately it can't wake up together with iMac , need to unplug and replug every time when my iMac wakes up………

  4. Benni Black says:

    i want that hoodie!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Sam Ib says:

    Do you have any tutorial materials on how to learn …. I am new to APPLE FCPX and bought the CT awaiting to get it. I assume that they have any materials on how to set it up and work it.Please provide a link if available.

  6. Looks like a fabulous gadget, and perhaps well made as Loupdeck improve quality of it's products, given the original Loupdeck was very poor and the subsequent Loupdeck + an enormous improvement, but as much as I like the idea of this, it will surely add to the workflow in Photoshop and Lightroom. All of Adobe apps are optimised for mouse and keyboard use and unless you're new to computers a this is so intuitive. Adding the CT requires a learning curve, and I am so sure that after a while and seasoned PS or LR user will return to just using a mouse and keyboard. Looks like a good design (I hope that is USB-C), and thanks for allowing comments on a commercial YouTube page – which gives me confidence in your organisation.

  7. Yoon-Ha says:

    The Loupedeck CT becomes disconnected while in use. I need to disconnect and reconnect the cable.

  8. Leszek Lata says:

    After using a mouse and a standard keyboard for the past 15 years, I am not sure I would want to complicate my workflow even more with this. I will just stick to my keyboard shortcuts and save £469.00 thank you

    It looks cool though 👍

  9. Paindoctor says:

    Great device. How will it work in conjunction with a Wacom cintiq and its remote control buttons? Also how can it connect to a Mac Pro without a usb c connector?

  10. A tutorial using the CT and CaptureOne would be mega!!

  11. Looks like Loupdeck makes an easy workflow much more complicated. 🙁

  12. Will this device work with blackmagic davinci resolve?

  13. Karl-Franz says:

    Looks like a neat interface to do everything I can already do faster via shortcut keys. But, it does look cool.

  14. Alexander S. says:

    Just amazing device!

  15. Joe Clark says:

    This looks soooo convoluted. Solution looking for a problem

  16. You will have my money when the product works with Capture One.

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