Meet Adobe Spark

Watch how Adobe Spark users bring their stories to life.

Adobe Spark is an integrated web and mobile solution for creating and sharing impactful visual stories. Easily create social media posts and graphics, web pages, and videos in minutes—no design or technical experience necessary. Get started:

36 thoughts on “Meet Adobe Spark”

  1. She And Me says:

    ….and what does it do?

  2. Is that Rick Hoffman's voice (Louis Litt from Suits) at 0:10, 0:34 and 1:04? I need answers !!!

  3. 1augh0utL0UD says:

    Still fucking clueless.

  4. Ian Thompson says:

    they must have used the "generic nonprofit" template for the video

  5. M.J. Johnson says:

    What kind of crap is this video. People don't want to see garage open,….such lame advertising in this video. Zero of 10.

  6. Lee Zin says:

    Thank you so much Adobe Spark I have made many thumbnails for my Channel videos

  7. chris says:

    This would've been as helpful if it was in another language that I've never heard before.


  9. B P says:

    The written description is a lot more useful than the video in explaining what it is.

  10. Why does the teacher uptalk?

  11. So wait… Adobe adds an app to a package only designers would pay for then they release an add targeting a demographic that shouldn't be paying for that package? Im confused. Tell your audience what this thing does.

  12. C thulhu says:

    hey Adobe, can i work with you ?;
    give me after effects pls

  13. MarkaN says:

    Oh, and I was hoping for a real lightweight standalone alternative to Premiere, not some browser based generic and incredibly limited sandbox app.
    I guess I'll still stick to Camtasia Pro then.

  14. Timon says:

    Don't get it. Watermark

  15. My first work with Adobe Video, I love it!

  16. Another useless tool for fencing the Internet with shit content.

  17. Sawan Gupta says:

    Can anyone tell me how to write Hindi Text in Adobe Spark video ??? I have seen a video with Hindi Text but whenever I write Hindi text, Text wont show !!!!!!!

  18. What was this video for again… ? oO
    Not really helpful if all you want is to get a basic idea what this software is about, sry.

  19. Kenan Geda says:

    At least now you can also add video, so it's not only a slideshow.

  20. ivan001 says:

    0:36 – Font has no accentuated characters and is defaulting to Arial?

  21. Tung Fam says:

    love this product. used it many times on the mobile device to make a quick image with a slogan. would definitely recommend using it.

  22. Pip Seymour says:

    will be using your material in a presentation to real estate agents. Great Product!

  23. Julie Bolton says:

    Is this Adobe's answer to Canva?

  24. Kevin Hunter says:

    Well, as usual for Adobe, there's a ton of hype and zero content. So what exactly is this? Thank goodness for enterprising individuals who made videos to explain this program.

  25. Aled Omer says:

    They missed the mark….WHAT DOES IT DO?

  26. I don't see how this is any different from making any other simple movie clip….. Using other software.

  27. You get 10 to 20 seconds to start giving me information. I quit watching and deleted my account Just wanted to know how to crop a video with this stuff, not spend the rest of the day listening to idiots.

  28. For those that don't know what it does listen up. 1. Record your voice. 2. Pick corresponding pictures that go with what you just said. 3 repeat steps 1 and 2 until completed. Step 4. Finish and watch the app make a mini movie adding music and effects.

  29. cosmic says:

    Thank you adobe, I now know how to explain things. One like and one sub for u

  30. Alexs321432 says:

    This is probably one of the most useless kinds of advertisement. When 90% of what they say is just a reaction and the other 10% "is you should check this out?"

  31. Chris Becker says:

    sooo…again. what does it do? Heaven forbid Adobe takes their precious time to answer this question. I understand meetings while in bubble baths, yacht club dinners, and stripper cocaine billionaire only club meetings can be quite time consuming. I hope adobe will understand and make this huge sacrifice.

  32. HENRY DO says:

    wtf does this do???

  33. Arya Magi says:

    So what does it do?

  34. Tom Quick says:

    Just started using this and love it!!

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