Adobe Tutorials Adobe Audition Mixing Vocals On A USB Microphone | Adobe Audition Music Production

Mixing Vocals On A USB Microphone | Adobe Audition Music Production

You dont need the most expensive set up to get good quality. You just need a good mix.
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40 thoughts on “Mixing Vocals On A USB Microphone | Adobe Audition Music Production”

  1. Your screen capture is just horrible!

  2. Just got that $50 deal Izotope has, its lit af

  3. Needs an update the video is super shaking can barely see what your showing me otherwise the vocals are really good nice and crisp

  4. GraphOneTwo says:

    yo! drop this song!

  5. Yo kelli! I loved this track. Can you public full version pls?

  6. Feom says:

    Bro, don’t drop the music, I really like your tracks. Every day I listen though i Russian

  7. GMAD11 says:

    Yo Kelli! Dope channel! I was wondering if you do any mixing and mastering for people. I am in the 6. I got some raw freestyles and always wondered what they would sound like mixed and mastered.

    Stay up Bless🙏



  9. Alex Mac says:

    If I record in fl studio or protools, can I send you the files for you to mix them using your daw?

  10. Can you do a review on the sm27

  11. I really wish you had way more subscribers!! You get right into what you need to know, and I love that!

    Your gonna blow up one day! Love your videos and thank you!

    Edit: had a couple typos lol

  12. i was ur 10k sb lol even got the screenshots XD good luck

  13. Lunar Reek says:

    yo kelli, do you experince 30ms latency when recording and could you possibly do a video on that would greatly appreciate it! been dealin with it for the longest

  14. how much do you charge to mix and master songs ?

  15. An idea .You can make a video with Rode Nt1 and the kit audio interface (Rode Al-1)

  16. I'm not skilled at mixing like I want to be but I learned alot watching this video bruh, appreciate it. But question: more towards the beginning you talk about not having the tracks at 0 because ultimately 0 is where we want our finished product/mix to arrive when we're finished but then you said you turned your beat down to about minus 8 but what your vocal tracks did you bring them down too so you could apply the effects to them? because that's where I got confused because you only said you brought the beat down and never mentioned whether you brought your vocals down before putting the effects on them.

  17. Reali Music says:

    I like that mix you did in the beginning bro especially with a USB mic! I always try to help artists. I advise to anyone that if you're looking for someone to mix for you, have them provide a free sample of your song before you commit. That's what I do for my clients and they enjoy it. If anyone needs any free tips, I'm here to help! Send me a message on IG:

  18. Amazing B says:

    Bro Whats the title of this song

  19. Lygartz says:

    if you master at the end, won't you end mastering the song track as well?

  20. FUNMIJR says:

    You need to release these snippets as real songs! Loving them man

  21. LCF M Staks says:

    Have you ever used Reaper? Deciding on DAW Now. Can you do a video on Daws and the pros and cons of your top 3 or 5?

  22. RUEHK says:

    Does it work with any mic?
    I’ve got the snowball mic yeti

  23. DreiGotDrip says:

    How much would it be if I paid you to mix a song?

  24. Hi kelli. Im starting to make my own rap song using adobe audition but i dont know how to master a rap song using stock effect cause i dont have a izotope ozone 5 can you make a video of Mastering a Rap song using adobe audition stock effects?
    Hope you can help me.

  25. Ben Swervo says:

    This lookin real complicated

  26. Drip king says:

    How to get that crispy sound voice

  27. Montra YT says:

    I’ve been experimenting with songs but I’m nervous to start actually singing or recording my voice at all in the songs lmao I hate how I sound recorded 😤

  28. what do you say about akg p420?

  29. What was your average pre vocal peaking level? Dope work g!

  30. RayFive says:

    Can your test the wa47jr. Mic? Vs tlm 103 or the Nt1a?

  31. Del H says:

    Yo Kelli do you edit the vocal wave forms at all individually , if so what do you do ? Take out background sound, amplify the waveform, Normalize ??

  32. Crush Tmrw says:

    I really wish this was in fl studio..

  33. you look like rex orange county

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