Adobe Tutorials Adobe Illustrator Most FRUSTRATING Feature of Adobe XD (Scrolling Areas)

Most FRUSTRATING Feature of Adobe XD (Scrolling Areas)

HOW CAN THE BEST FEATURE ALSO BE THE WORST FEATURE OF ADOBE XD?! | I’ll show you how to create a scrollable area in your design for client preview. But I’ll also show you why you shouldn’t use it for client reviews either.


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In this Adobe XD tutorial,…

45 thoughts on “Most FRUSTRATING Feature of Adobe XD (Scrolling Areas)”

  1. the mask man says:

    Really your showing the simple ways bro . This video help so much to me thanks bro

  2. Iqbal Sunny says:

    Best solution to fix navigation or notification bar you can use drag trigger from prototype.

  3. these guys at adobe dont seem to have any clue about ux. instead of just defining scrollable areas, you'll have everything scrollable except the things you'll have to define one by one, you want fixed.. you really have to think hard to do it so backwards my gosh.. and this is just one case among a lot

  4. vulkein says:

    This is great… but what about pinning a mask ontop of scrolling area?

  5. I hope Adobe would also add a text-justify feature.

  6. Dear God… Thank you I was lost not able to scroll… Now all good. Thanks again man


  8. BEMBUREDA says:

    New update with solution:"Fix position when scrolling"

  9. perigosu says:

    I love that he talks pretty fast… I usually watch youtube videos at 1.5x speed and slow down as needed… here 1.25x speed feels almost too fast.

  10. Anton P. says:

    Double like for Slovakia 🙂

  11. Conor Murphy says:

    So im trying to save it out and simply scroll through the page but also have the actually iPhone x stationary is that possible?

  12. i can lock it without that lock feature you need to polish your skills more , sir !

  13. Lynyj says:

    the nav bar should be drawn under the vertical viewpoint, otherwise the content would overlap over the nav bar

  14. You are right! Within the nd2 screen of my design, I ran into this frustrating situating you described. How do I make the keyboard static while scrolling? EddyGraphic I'm looking now..

  15. Ula-Lee says:

    Anyone know how to create a horizontal scroll?

  16. Hey! What tool do you use to record your screen? I really liked that zooming feature.

  17. Miron Swyst says:

    It would be great if the end user -viewer could have that option of actually pinning the header as an option

  18. Miron Swyst says:

    I have come across finished products that stuff should not be scrollable, and yet it does go poof upp!! is mind-boggling, how they approve these sites, and Mind you those are financial sites from major powerhouses and the headers scroll up** very frustrating**

  19. i think, its already fixed…

  20. Imtiaz Uddin says:

    I think you couldn't be more wrong. The most frustrating feature for windows users is NOT HAVING A FREAKING MENU – because adobe is following shitty windows guidelines on designing UWP apps.

  21. Rommel says:

    Is there any update for this one? 🙂

  22. Yikes Adobe XD sucks a$$ for prototyping, that's why everyone imports those designs into other programs.


  24. k4dude says:

    FINALLY! Adobe XD just added sticky elements!

  25. EddyGraphic says:

    The Fixed position feature has just been added with June's update.

  26. pafernandes5 says:

    does someone knows if this feature was already fixed?

  27. Danny says:

    One Year ago I made a tweet saying that we probably have to wait another year to get a really useful tool there. Turns out that it was not enought >

    I used to work quite a lot with Axure RP as you can have e.g Sticky headers but the feature is not working in iOS devices so you need some dirty hacks to make it work. I just have the feeling that at the moment, there is no tool out there at the moment which does the job right meaning to give useful basic interaction like hovers, sticky elements, easy sharing (embed fonts) a.s.o

  28. L G says:

    Ranting and Complaining as an influencer is the best thing you could do. Keep it up!
    We are currently using XD in our pipeline (Mac & PC environment) It frustrates me extremely that the bare minimum features like this in a prototyping tool are overlooked. Beta or not. Adobe need to step up their game.

  29. ventende says:

    Another annoying thing is that you get TWO scroll bars if you move you cursor to where the thin one is by default, then a second really thick one appears. Swell. When I posted that to the Adobe forum with screenshots the all so familiar indian "staff" acted as if it didn't exist. That's even sweller.

  30. ventende says:

    Please stop constantly moving your cursor around bud, it's like having a mad fly on my screen.

  31. ken li says:

    Indeed, there is no way to pin your item, please make this feature for us

  32. Mike London says:

    I believe scrolling areas is in next months release, as Adobe asked me to test this feature for them…

  33. Hey Tutvid,

    Why dont you use protopie? It has so many more features that XD doesnt have… I hate XD really i do…

  34. onesian says:

    Youd think the scroll would also dynamics

  35. Habi says:

    "Hey let's talk about this feature, then let's add an element unrelated to this feature, and complain that the feature is not working"

    You're right though, they should add locked elements to make them unscrollable.

  36. Zeus 8 says:

    Could you please make a package design tutorial next 🙂

  37. Talking about clients, you should make series of videos about how to pitch a client and that over all process. Maybe you could add your experiences or something

  38. Vitamin Q says:

    Wonder how much Adobe charges for the XD app. fixed header and pined items are so fundamental my first thought was what gabronies at adobe made this app? And what big gabronie at Adobe released it!

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