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My Lightroom & Photoshop Alternative | Acdsee Photo Studio Ultimate 2018

I’m not a fan of “software as a service” so back in 2017 I was looking for a replacement to my aging copy of Photoshop CS5.1 with Adobe Bridge. After trying multiple programs, Acdsee’s full application suite of editing and organizing clicked with me. Not everything is perfect and it isn’t the fastest program ever, but they sell it on a version-by-version basis. It does what I need to do. Besides the lag at times, it can’t open My Canon EOS M50 CR3 RAW files, which is a pain and one of the…

5 thoughts on “My Lightroom & Photoshop Alternative | Acdsee Photo Studio Ultimate 2018”

  1. GLAC says:

    Hello, thanks for the video, is it possible to zoom in and out with the mouse's scroll wheel in ACDSee quick view ? Thank you

  2. Josh Araujo says:

    Is develop mode non destructive?

  3. Where I can find settings for mouse control of zoom ? In a " Specific location – Area – Cut out ", and auto refres on fit image…
    For such a version it is an incredibly unprofessional step backwards !!!
    Does anyone know the latest version where the mouse zoom function still works?

  4. tectorama says:

    Can you answer a couple of questions for me Scott please ?
    I still use LR V6.14 but am looking at alternatives. I already have ACDSee Pro 10 which I mostly only use for editing Jpegs.
    Is Ultimate that much better. I usually have to edit between 30 and 100+ images at a time, and find LR's ability to Synch
    settings to multiple images with a couple of clicks while staying in develop mode, very useful, and a big time saver.
    I have tried this in Pro 10, but without much luck. Can you do this with ultimate I wonder ?. ……..Alan

  5. opie nc says:

    you can zoom in develop mode by pressing ctrl + mouse scroll wheel. however, when you make an adjustment e.g. light EQ, there's a bug and the ctrl + mouse scroll stops working. it will still work if you put the mouse on the area above the film strip or in the zoom box. buggy. even ver 2019 has the same bug

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