Adobe Tutorials Adobe Illustrator Natron Lesson 3 – Exporting Images and Video using Write Nodes

Natron Lesson 3 – Exporting Images and Video using Write Nodes

Natron is professional compositing software similar to Adobe After Effects, Fusion, and Nuke. It is 100% Free and Open Source for both personal and commercial use.

It runs on Linux, Mac, and Windows, and can be downloaded here:

I’m passionate about free software!

The goal of this channel is to promote awareness of free software, and the quality of work it can create.

Free software tools used in creating this video include:

OBS – for recording the video / screen capture and…

21 thoughts on “Natron Lesson 3 – Exporting Images and Video using Write Nodes”

  1. which render mode do i use?

  2. It is strange that Natron allows to render only through a node while the user has to be sure it is connected to the right objects as before rendering! why not for example like any other software OPEN SHOT, for instance, the user is able to render by simply exporting videos from the file menu..? any answer for this pls?

  3. write node missing where is it?

  4. I cant render anything even If Im doing everything right:

    1) when I chose GPU enabled, rewrite or a video bigger than 1K it crashes
    2) It only renders 258 bites video
    3) no matter what video type and codec I chose It always turns out a blank black screen and wont play in any player

  5. Hello, just picking up this Natron soft and on this lesson when I render "write 1" it says "queue renders" and no progress? What is wrong? Thanks. A.

  6. does this work on mac?

  7. Mark Golding says:

    MP4 created but not viewable in any program.. Great tutorial though

  8. when i click render i get a 300kb file that when i attempt to play is a tenth of a second long and shows nothing, i followed along with this video more than once in case i did something different

  9. These tutorials are helpful, quick, concise and you don't skip any essential steps.
    Like how important steps are also repeated and that you make common mistakes on purpose (to teach).

    Thank you, making tutorial's isn't easy, which makes your work even more appreciated.

  10. XTheDentist says:

    Hi great series! Now as far as i can tell, Natron has the node-based workflow which is VERY powerful & similar to Nuke. But After Effects has a better camera tracker is that right? Other than that, I think I would like to learn Natrons workflow as I do look forward to learning a node-based workflow. So I can use After Effects to do the camera tracking & then do my other compositing in Natron (rotoscoping, etc) is that right? I'm just learning about mixing live action footage with CG elements & I am bit confused as to what means what. As I understand it, camera tracking will try to reproduce the movement of the original camera & generate a virtual camera path whereas MOTION tracking is good if your footage has objects that are moving around. Now if Natron has similarity to AE, why is it that AE's camera tracker is recommended to be use for footage with NO moving objects when AE has masking capabilities I mean it IS a compositing software correct? Isnt the purpose of masking is to tell the camera NOT to create any track data in within that region? Anyway I see I'm asking too many question about AE on a video about Natron lol, I need to word my questions a little better. But in any case thanks for any feedback & take care.

  11. Hans Wurst says:

    2:23 dat infinite recording 😀

  12. jsimmonstx says:

    I had problems getting videos to load/save with the Installer version of Natron. On TJ's suggestion, I downloaded the "Portable" version, and it worked great.

    Once I had a video rendered, I uploaded it to youtube, and with Chrome (v73 on Win10), all I see is a white screen during playback. All other apps and browsers play the video without problems. I've already tried turning off Chrome's hardware acceleration feature (a common fix for the problem, I suppose), but that didn't work. I also have the same problem with videos created with Blender. I'm not sure what's going on yet.

  13. You are a good teacher.

  14. TJ rocks …. You saved me a lot.

  15. I did the same thing you did but every save I do only shows up for .10th of a second and doesn't have any of the rectangle in the frame?

  16. Nice video learned how to export ! Thanks. But where is your 2nd video (Natron Lesson 2) of this series ??

  17. Peacemekka says:

    Can you link write node to the viewer node directly?

  18. Nice… and also noted another open source tool: OBS you sir, are awesome!

  19. robin reso says:

    do you know if natron i capable of distributed rendering like blender. rendering a project with multiple computers with non overwrite and placeholder settings?thx

  20. BrokenCore says:

    thanks for this video, you helped me a lot.

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