Adobe Tutorials Adobe Audition No Adobe Creative Suite on Linux? Best Free Alternatives in 2019!

No Adobe Creative Suite on Linux? Best Free Alternatives in 2019!

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Ever wondered what Linux would be like if the Adobe Creative Suite got ported over? Well, never mind, because these amazing FOSS creative apps are amazing alternatives that probably have the power you need to level up your creative output.

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34 thoughts on “No Adobe Creative Suite on Linux? Best Free Alternatives in 2019!”

  1. So excited by this topic. Which is your favourite creative application/tool on the Linux desktop? Do we even need Adobe CC? Big thanks to Skillshare for sponsoring today's video; be sure to check out the link for two free months of Skillshare Premium

  2. Krita es muy lento….. Y una mierda …. Saludos!✌🏽

  3. Could you look into figma for linux?

  4. links in description are broken

  5. EraYaN says:

    It's a shame there is not real alternative for Acrobat Pro and/or After Effects.

  6. Sj Cap says:

    What a wonderful video thank you so much Blaine would you be ok with me sharing this on my facebook page with full credits to you of couse.


    – Inkscape – Vector Graphics
    – Scribus – Desktop Publishing
    – Krita – Digital Painting
    – kdenlive – Video Editing
    – FontForge – Font Design
    – LMMS – Music Producing
    – Ardour – Music Producing
    – Audacity – Audio Recording
    – Raw Therapee – Photo Editing
    – Gimp – Image Processing
    – Blender – 3D Editing
    – Synfig Studio – 2D Animation

    (Didn't find it on the description, so I just made the list. Thanks for the video!)

  8. Roman Shulga says:

    There is no alternatives for Adobe for professional work. Affinity mb Dislike

  9. cyril faust says:

    sadly, LMMS is really shit compared to other DAWs
    I started with LMMS

  10. David says:

    I use Blender for video editing, 3D animation and VFX so as 2D, I use Inkscape before illustrator and GIMP. I use to work in the animation industry but I went open source and I love it. I also use FreeCAD for professional Mechanical design and is Open Source too it is comparable to Solid works

  11. Luk45135 :D says:

    What do you think of DaVinci Resolve 16 for video editing (i think its an AppImage)

  12. MultiCappie says:

    LMMS, KDEnlive, Blender, Natron, Krita, Scribus, Inkscape.

  13. Phobes says:

    Great video! As a printer, the fact that GIMP doesn't support CMYK is, unfortunately, a complete deal-breaker. Fortunately I have a Windows box that I can remote into for that, and it's almost like sitting at the machine over gigabit ethernet 🙂

  14. asif raza says:

    blender is one of the best 3d software im professional maya/max almost 10 years experience in the industry i remember few years back when it was meme but after 2.8 update blender become on top of everything else God i love it! i dont know how they managed to bundle everything in sub 400MB application its just crazy. Love opensource

  15. I have looked so many times for things that look a lot like Adobe, I find it will be easier to use then. But it took this video to see more that I was not able to find. Thank you should be easier for me now.

  16. Nice util polygraphy is required. Neither GIMP nor Inkscape can deal with CMYK 🙁 Otherwise I'd move to Linux long ago…

  17. djavocard says:

    Where is the GitHub link? Appimage??

  18. At this point, thankfully, Adobe is becoming less and less relevant, thankgod- We should want nothing to do with Adobe!!! They are very abusive and we have allowed that long enough!

  19. Martin Hodge says:

    Try just installing Ubuntu Studio.
    It comes with all of this pre-installed.

  20. Rumour has it, that there was apparently a complete game made using blender alone. If true, that is a very strong and versatile program.

  21. De Leve says:

    Who needs Adobe?

  22. DOT says:

    For video-editing there's also Davinci Resolve, it's not open source, but there's still a really good free version available for Linux. And you can also do Visual Effects in it and also audio editing.

  23. Simon says:

    🙁 inkscape (and/or affinity designer) doesn’t fully replace adobe illustrator to me, and nothing replaces after effects. For some fields such as 2d keyframe animation you really need adobe and the subscription model is kinda annoying

  24. I think that you way undersold blender. It is the best 2d animation program out there. Yes, everyone thinks 3d but it is spectacular in 2d. Also as a sculpture program it is wonderful and in the next 12 months with become much more powerful in sculpture that in already is.

  25. φ Fibonacci says:

    Why do you not use Krita?

  26. Nevyn Hira says:

    ARGH!!! I hate comparisons where they throw in a "… for a product that doesn't cost you anything…" or "….for its price…" qualifier. What does that mean?

    I paid nothing for this thing. What can I expect?

    With open source software I've actually got a higher expectation than commercial software just because if money's not a factor so I'm going to get less crapware. Does anyone remember Nero? It did a thing and it was free (usually came with a cd burner) but holy crap was it full of rubbish that no one wanted.

    I remember back in the early 2000's trying out Linux and being annoyed by it because X wasn't working straight out of the box. It required some messing around with x11.conf (now xorg.conf). BUT at the same time, in order to install Windows 98 on a machine with a GPU, I had to swap out the GPU with any VESA compliant card, do the install, install the drivers for the GPU and swap the GPU back in again.

    "For the price" makes me doubt just about anything else. What are they not telling me? Is it unstable? Are they saying it's worth spending more? etc.

  27. All of these application are available in windows also. There is no reason to switch to linux, they are free in windows also. Why these people keep making the claim you should switch to linux for these "free" application is just plain disingenuous. Why switch from windows when you can get all them in Windows. They don't run in Linux any better than they do in Windows. Most computers that you buy comes with windows so if you can afford the computer, you have windows. At least be honest about it. There are reasons to go to Linux but free software is not a reason. Maybe you don't like Microsoft and its privacy concerns. That's a good reason, but this bit about free software is just plain bogus.

  28. I wished Affinity Photo and Designer were available for Linux

  29. Eros Da Bari says:

    Raw therapy does not have selective editing, a deal breaker for me

  30. pedro says:

    Só o blender faz mais da metade ou se não tudo que o Adobe faz,(ainda vendo o vídeo)

  31. After Effects alternative?

  32. ORO 0147 says:

    Why wouldn't you use Davinci Resolve over Kdenlive?

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