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How To Make A Gradient Effect In Adobe Illustrator CS6 – Tutorial #13 City Map Poster – Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

NEW FEATURES OF PHOTOSHOP 2020. Learn all the new features of Photoshop 2020, learn the tips and tricks and how to use the new tools in Photoshop. From object selection tool, to new content aware fill, JDIs, enhanced warp, new presets, new properties panel and so much more jam packed into this tutorial. Colin Smith walks you through the new features in Photoshop 2020, check out the playlist for more new feature tutorials on the new update of Adobe Photoshop. Part of the Photoshop 2020 New…

38 thoughts on “Photoshop 2020 TOP 6 NEW Features + BONUS TIPS

  1. Joe N5000 says:

    An excellent introduction. I really liked the new feature of AI based removing background.
    I must say, it is still far from being excellent, and I still need to do a lot of after-work, but I guess that they will be getting better over time. And even though I still need to do work to refine they AI-based background removal, I found out that in average it reduces the retouching time a lot.
    I think that they should emphasize working on such AI based features, as these are a huge time saver to most users.

  2. Guy Kerr says:

    Any suggestions on why I am not able to "open files as layers in PS" from LR? 2 or 3 of 7 open in one file and another opens separately and rest do not open. Images stored on external drive, MacBook Pro with Catalina and latest LR and PS updates. Thanks

  3. J M says:

    I like your tutorial but could you maybe minimize your appearance? I get lost what my next step is everytime I see a human face in between… had to rewind many times…

  4. Thank a lot, could you show us the Digital painting using smudge tool

  5. SHALOM_jOSH says:

    wow wow wow amazing improvement adobe.but i think one day adobe add gold color gradient.

  6. A second review of your tutorial which is extremely well explained and in addition to the bonus tips. Thanks for a great tutorial!

  7. Is this Photoshop CC, or what's referred to as Adobe Photoshop 2020? I updated to Catalina on my iMac so I can't use CS6 which I loved…I'm trying to determine if Adobe Photoshop 2020 comes even close to CS6…

  8. Hahah dang, finally those 90s styles are history. So these are the new basic ones for the next decennia 😉 ahahah i always revert to blank on new install because they are all USELESS!!

  9. Wow they finally added extract smartobject. THere havebeen scripts for this for YEARSS

  10. Those last two are the winners for me, brush rotation and layer zoom!

  11. Ian Fox says:

    cool EVH guitar

  12. Carstavis says:

    i kept hitting control key and was like its not working. im on macbook its command key for me.

  13. aciduss says:

    you look like george bush

  14. phantom says:

    love your tutorials -clear , concise and always learn something different.Thank you for sharing your knowledge to lesser skilled graphics guys, such as myself – stay safe and be well.

  15. hey. your smile is so cute and talking style is innocent

  16. Great highlight vid and I gotta use gradient overlays more often!

  17. Because of this tutorial, I decided to install PS 2020 because I wanted to try out the new Object Selection tool as well as the remove background tool. Also, I never used the gradient tool in PS (using it in LR) but I think I’ll try that too. Thanks Colin.

  18. Qamar Zaman says:

    Convert your Youtube channel into Android app @t

  19. 63resindog says:

    Hi Colin , love your videos learn so much, just a small question, I'm up to date with photoshop and want to start using "trees" as I do alot of composites, I have never used it before, so if I go to filter then render it is greyed out along with frame and picture frame, but all the others are not greyed out, am I missing something? thanks in advance.

  20. Les Taylor says:

    Love the frankenstrat 🙂

  21. Self-Law says:

    This is literally a tutorial. A life saver for me as a virgin.

  22. Self-Law says:

    As a new user straight to the 2020 version.

  23. thanks for this tutorial.Remove background will be my most fav of all time. how can i get photoshop 2020 .can you send me please.

  24. I666U says:

    TY, so cool cheers !

  25. uh oh. Instagram models are gonna have a field day with this new stuff. 😂

  26. Great video addressing the annoying housekeeping issues on any major upgrade. Thanks.

  27. Pam Jeannet says:

    Love the selection tool and those lovely gradients!

  28. Dan Tong says:

    Excellent review


  29. J.Lulo says:

    Love these tutorials Collin. Thank You 🙏.

  30. Rob Walker says:

    Hi Colin,i have a problem with the new upgrade,as soon as i try to select with the new object selection tool,my pc freezes,i can have the graphic card on or off it makes no difference,any ideas.

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