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Extremely Useful Tip to Export and Save All Open Files Using Image Processor in Photoshop. In this tutorial, learn how to Batch Export open images. Suppose you opened a bunch of images all at once and made some adjustments may be for social media or website. Instead of having to Save each file one by one, in this video, we will learn the technique to Automate the process using Image Processor in Photoshop. Hope this video helps you! PiXimperfect is free, and will always be. ► SUPPORT the…

21 thoughts on “Photoshop Quick Tip: Export and Save All Open Files At Once

  1. Dominick NL says:

    you're a time saver! Thanks for pointing out this helpful feature!

  2. Very helpful to ease my job, thank you so much

  3. Wow…..clear straight to the point👍👍

  4. Kevin Start says:

    You don't know how much time this tip saves broo! You the best!

  5. hi any advice to save photos with large mb size? I want to print photos but my friends tell me to save as high mb file. any advice?

  6. this worked for me before but now its saying that there are no source files that could be opened by photoshop

  7. Thank you a lot !
    Nice video !

  8. I was just perusing your videos and noticed this one shot from Versova Beach with the horse and carriage. Very cool! I've photographed this many times here in Mumbai. Glad to see some familiar scenes.

  9. Migtastik says:

    Is there a way to batch save to png instead of jpeg, tiff or psd?

  10. You are always a life saver…

  11. Lord Yadi says:

    he uses Dell coz he from New Delhi

  12. Thanks man… i save 300+ images by one tap 😂

  13. Coiming back to PS after some years and I'm rusty. I watched 4 of your videos in one day and solved all of my problems. Keep up the good work my firend.

  14. can we all just take a moment to appreciate how lucky we are to have such an incredible, natural teacher demystify all this for us.!!

  15. Jose Herrera says:

    You sir, are a GOD. THANK YOU.

  16. Mona Munshi says:

    OMG! why didnt i knw this all my life!!!!
    thansk so much for all your help

  17. Thank you! This is so useful. 🥰

  18. chieduagain says:

    This is what I needed,simple & straight to the point

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