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Photoshop tutorial showing how to draw work paths with the Pen Tool. Batman logo template: Dark Knight Batman wallpaper tutorial:

48 thoughts on “Photoshop Tutorial: How to Draw Paths with the Pen Tool.

  1. شكرا كثيرا استاذي الفاضل على الدرس المختصر الاحترافي

  2. What is the shortcut key in eliminating paths drawn by pen tool?

  3. This is one of the most complex tool in Photoshop and thank you because I got it now.

  4. Rolly Furio says:

    these good tutorial step by step easy to learned thanks bro more video to wait

  5. NABIL HAMIDI says:

    Thank you so much man in this tutorial of 5 minutes I learned a lot

  6. N j says:

    What kind of text to speech software do you use in your video?

  7. Darren Pauli says:

    to bring up control handles left click and hold

  8. MJR says:

    thank wou so much for the tuto

  9. shaftoons says:

    Thanks a lot sir… I got it very well after along time of trying

  10. Naim Banan says:

    Your "Z" tool can create a square but my "Z" tool cannot. It only make image bigger. I am using CS 5. And there are no "properties" even in "window".

  11. Mauricek02 says:

    When I fill it it goes on the outer background instead of inside of the path

  12. Hendrik says:

    Thanks a lot for this great tutorial.

  13. Please how do I download the pictures

  14. great video thank you so much

  15. I am so amazed by your tutorials! You have excellent pacing, You do not go too fast, so I can follow along. You do not wander into comments or side trips while you make decisions. Most importantly, you match your picture with your words. Thanks!

  16. ram says:

    thank you so much i learned a lot from your tutorials ,,thank you

  17. Polar says:

    This is lit fam.

  18. thank you prof. you have afantastic voice and method of learning 👌👍

  19. SwapSh0t says:

    +Blue Lightning TV
    Dude I read some comments bellow, and I cannot fix my "fill path" error that fills everything that is outsid the path. Eg: 4:00
    Please help me… However if i press "v" and it switch for my move tool it fills everything…
    Thanks 🙂
    Also Sub+Like

  20. Great!!!!!!!
    What a helpful tutorial. It is essential for both the learners of beginners and advanced. Each step is so much informative. I always use Photoshop cc and your tutorial is really suitable with cc version. Like it so much.
    Thank you very much sir for sharing.

  21. where I can get the batman?

  22. Anjali Gupta says:

    Thank you .
    Very helpful tutorial

  23. Mike Boss says:

    Great tutorial.
    I do however have a question.
    When I follow these steps and do the new layer, fill, it fills everything outside my path. Not the inside of the path as shown in the video. I'm using CS5. Any suggestions ?

  24. Merari G says:

    Omg, I learned a lot in just two minute! Thank you! This was so helpful!

  25. Clear, crisp and communicative. Thank you!

  26. Ya know, I've watched this video before and I've done some work using the pen tool since having watched it the first time, so I've become more familiar with the pen tool, but it is nice to watch your videos more than once that is for sure, thanks a bunch, I appreciate your clear and concise methods.

  27. thedemonguy says:

    Thank you so much!! 😀 Now I know how to "hug the curves".

  28. Josh says:

    Amazing, been trying to learn the pen tool for days, hours of videos and reading. You just did in under 5 mins what it took me hours to try and master. Batman is also epic! Thanks Marty!

  29. Paul Wernich says:

    Thanks Marty, this was really helpful.

  30. Kreager says:

    how do you have this so big it's so small for me

  31. Er Ald says:

    Marty I am first learning  photoshop.Why are paths important?

  32. Simple but very helpful tute! Thank u…

  33. Artai0s Dev says:

    Thx for this tut. It helped a lot!

  34. Great tutorial, real easy to understand, Thank You! keep up the good work

  35. aiman khoury says:

    If I use the Magic Wand tool and make a selection of the template and then Make Work Path, do I get the same result ?


  36. aiman khoury says:

    Thanks for the useful tutorial. After drawing the logo or any other shape as vector, how can I save it as vector (eps format) (I'm using photoshop) and send it to be printed as stencil ?

  37. great how to used pan tool

  38. Patrick says:

    bluelightingtv, I am so sorry for my earlier impulsivity. I want to punch my past me right now.

  39. SupernovaZebroid…This tutorial is really to show how to use the pen tool and make work paths. I chose the Batman logo because it's shape works well for this lesson.

  40. Patrick says:

    This will be voted as spam, I just know it.

  41. Patrick says:

    Why would you draw the logo if you already have the batman logo?

  42. phancypheet…Illustrator is always best for vector shapes and paths, but I show how to use what's available in Photoshop. PS also has features for 3D and animation, but it's not the best application for these, either.

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