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Photoshop vs Lightroom for Beginner Photographers

Have you heard of Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop but wondering which one is right one for you to use? In this video, I’ll give you super quick rundown of some key differences between the programs. Hopefully this will help you discover what each program is for and how to use each program. See my YouTube channel for more in-depth information about Photoshop and Lightroom.


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13 thoughts on “Photoshop vs Lightroom for Beginner Photographers”

  1. James B. says:

    Good work. I clicked this because it wasn’t unnecessarily long. Subbed

  2. If you jump from lightroom (classic) to photoshop is it still non-destructive?

  3. hey i have a question what would be the best way to edit a photo if i want to do skin retouch and color correction , and if i have presets on lightroom sometimes i start with a preset and go from there. but should i start on Photoshop doing the skin retouch and then jump to lightroom and finish the color grading? or should i start on lightroom and then finish on photoshop? and the other questing is will the be any kind of lose of quality doing that? going from on to another. on lightroom i saw the option to open the picture in photoshop without having to save the file and change the format. but idk if photoshop has the same option. i usually same the photo from photoshop as PSD and open it on lightroom but idk if that kills the raw format and the color corrections wont be the same? i usually export a tif from lightroom with the color corrected and open it back in photoshop and overlay with the other on Photoshop

  4. LAZY DOG says:

    You could be Karl Pilkingtons stunt double.

  5. Awesome video. You’ve earned another subscriber. Thank you!

  6. Keep up the great work.

  7. peterbahrain says:

    Your background music is very loud so better to silence it.

  8. Carlos Diaz says:

    I tried both and personally photoshop is better in my opinion, my pictures come out more “professional”

  9. are you using your hoya variable nd filter in this video?

  10. smokey says:

    the quality of this video is great, surprised you dont have many subs!

  11. Malathi Bhat says:

    Hey mr.jay. I am from India. I love your videos

  12. Hi Uncle Jay, it's Callen

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