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Ripple Delete In Adobe Audition CC Multitrack

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How to make use of the ripple delete feature in the multitrack of Adobe Audition CC.

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9 thoughts on “Ripple Delete In Adobe Audition CC Multitrack”

  1. Chris Hands says:

    Not only did that totally answer the question I had, but it did so quickly and without any infuriatingly unnecessary waffle. Direct, to the point, super helpful – Thanks Mike.

  2. Gives the answer within 20 seconds. Nice!

  3. Josh Moore says:

    Hey Mike- You are a Audition Rockstar, and I am thankful for you and the info you provide.  I love the idea of Ripple delete, but for some reason, I cannot access it.  I have tried in multi-track as well as single track.  It is there, but the options are "greyed out" (if that makes sense).  It's weird b/c every once in a while, in multi track only, it shows available.  I can delete (regular) to my hearts content, but ripple delete is a "no-go".  Have you ever experienced or heard of this?  It is very likely user error. 🙂  Thx for any help.

  4. I wasn't aware of ripple delete at all, so finding it in my video editing software will speed up editing of my videos really well, thanks Mike!

  5. yes very usefull saves a lot of time when doing big projects…thanks mike 🙂

  6. SarasDVS says:

    Is it for cs6 version or only cloud?

  7. Well you learn somthing new every day. Thanks mike

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