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Sound Design for Film/Video & Games with Audition CC| Adobe Creative Cloud

In this livestream, Principal Evangelist Jason Levine will walk you thru common processes and techniques for creating sound effects and sync’ing to picture in Audition CC. Part 1 of 2. Subscribe:


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16 thoughts on “Sound Design for Film/Video & Games with Audition CC| Adobe Creative Cloud”

  1. Jason, I just want to thank you for doing this class for whatever reason, I'm a student and my school hooked us up with the creative cloud and well anyway I'm doing a project in Sound design that is due tom and this class helped me so so much and I looked you up and well I'm going to be busy watching all your Audition videos this month. Thanks you again stay safe during these messed up times.

  2. Cats12000 says:

    Help, please! I'm trying to make Audition do the following: The video to scroll under clips nudge back and forth. Just like it does with the playback header. As you move the playback header, the video follows that move. So, I want the same happens when I move clips… Is there a way? I've been looking around in tutorials and preferences with no succes. Thank you!

  3. hey, just saying but half of the samples in "Music Loops & Beds" are 404'ing – does not exist!!!

  4. Susti Geju says:

    really cool way of explaining……..

  5. Hi, I have the Loopology CD from when I bought Audition 2. Has the Loopology collection been updated since then?

  6. Bob Fisher says:

    Jason thank you for making these. I love your tutorials and teaching style

  7. thank you so much this is great

  8. Love your work my friend. Keep 'em coming.

  9. Great informations! Thanks a lot!

  10. MyCloudVIP says:

    Mr. Levine, good evening. I see that you store your master files as wav … What is the main difference or most common usage of flac files? thanks

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