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Splitting Audio files for elearning in Adobe Audition CC

Quick tutorial on splitting elearning narration into individual files using markers in Adobe Audition CC.

This is a great tool to have in your elearning workflow that will save you lots of time in exporting and naming individual files.

10 thoughts on “Splitting Audio files for elearning in Adobe Audition CC”

  1. Thank you so much for posting this! You’ve just saved me a bunch of time. You’re a saint for doing this. Thanks again.

  2. you. SAVED. my. life. I knew there was an easier way!!!

  3. Had to watch this about 3 times until I got the process down but well worth it. Do you know if there is a way to apply fade ins and fade outs to all the files when you export them as even a small sound when audio starts in elearning can be distracting.

  4. Anis Hamm says:

    Very good explanation…I hope you will be doing more and more (but why you don't have many visitors ?) Maybe you can boost your audience on Youtube because it worth it. Bravo

  5. Thanks for this Tim, very helpful. Once thing I noticed is that when you "export audio within range" it gives you the option to specify the name of the new files and from what number you want them to start at. So instead of going to the trouble of renaming each separate audio Slide as you did, surely you can leave it all as the default name and do that right at the end, when exporting the files? This will save you further time. Just curious as to why you are naming each separate file yourself?

  6. The actual tutorial starts at 2:10

  7. jaycassa says:

    Very helpful. Thank you!

  8. Carburetor says:

    Just fantastic!!! Just want to mention that you need to put marker just between first line and this marker name will be name of the first file in the CUE.

  9. Dan Evans says:

    Totally love this video. I learned a lot today.

  10. Dancing Cow says:

    I had to split up a large audio file today and was wondering if Audition could split up audio in a batch process just by using the markers. And there it was! This video is exactly what I was looking to learn. Can't thank you enough!

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