Cap sleeve pattern making tutorial in Adobe Illustrator

Learn how to draft a cup sleeve for your made-to-measure stretch dress block using free pattern making in Adobe Illustrator tutorial. Original pattern concept designed by Ayuk Fashion School. PL PROFILE: YOUTUBE: INSTAGRAM: Follow Us: Instagram -…

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Cap Swag Training | 002 | Digitizing In Adobe Illustrator CS5 Embroidery i2 Plugin

Shop Cap Swag Online: Subscribe to Cap Swag TV on YouTube: Stay in touch with Cap Swag here: In this video, Phil covers custom text digitizing in Adobe Illustrator CS5 and satin pathing. A lot of times when creating custom designs for embroidery, there are going to be custom fonts which require…

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How to Round Cap your Stroke in Illustrator CS6/CC

How to round cap your stroke in Adobe Illustrator CS6/CC. InPhotoshop1 will show you how to edit your line, drawing, or stroke in Illustrator. Get rid of those …

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