Photoshop Tutorial: Dragan Style Photo Effect – Dramatic Eye-Catching Portraits

In this photoshop photo editing tutorial, learn how to create Dragan Style Portrait Effect in photoshop. ►Download PSD file: 1 00:00:13 How to Create the Dragan Effect in Photoshop. 2 00:00:20 First duplicate background layer and desaturate it. 3 00:00:35 Duplicate background copy layer. 4 00:00:49 Invert the layer CTRL + I. 5 00:00:59 Change…

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Master Color Match 3-Point Curves Adjustment layers advanced tips in Photoshop

Master curves, color lookup adjustment layers in photoshop to improve your composition. Color Match 3-Point Curves Adjustment layers advanced tips will enable you to perfect compositing and assemble multitudes of images together. It comes handy into your composition when you have plenty of objects to insert in one artboard. In this tutorial, you will learn…

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6 Secret Steps to Nail Instagram Quality! – Photoshop Tutorial

Besides the best export settings for Instagram, discover the extra steps we need to take to make our images stand out! In this tutorial, we will go through ‘6 Golden Steps to Make Your Images Look Amazing on Instagram’ using Photoshop. Right from making sure the color doesn’t change when you upload, to getting the…

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