Web Application Architecture: Lessons Learned from Adobe Brackets

Using the architecture of Brackets, the open source code editor created by Adobe, Brian Rinaldi will examine some best practices for architecting well designed, modern applications using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Brian will also explore how this large-scale, open-source project built with web technologies was architected to handle contributions from a significant number of developers…

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This Mask Hack I Learned From Professor Hines Is A GAME CHANGER! (Lightroom Tutorial)

For the longest time I was being complacent with trusting the @Adobe Photoshop LightroomAI when it comes to Subject Masking. Little did I know the solution would be hidden in a street tutorial by @Professor Hines & @Jason Vong: Join @Professional Photographers of America (PPA) today: www.ppa.com Gear I Use To Make These Videos Canon…

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Lessons Learned with Joe Dombrowksi | The Adobe Creative Educator Livestream

On this week’s Adobe Creative Educator Livestream Show, Joe Dombrowski joins us to discuss lessons he learned on his journey to becoming a teacher-creator …

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THIS is How I Learned Adobe LIGHTROOM FAST

THIS is How I Learned Adobe LIGHTROOM FAST A lot of people ask me how did I learn Lightroom. The simple answer is when the original lightroom came out I learned from Matt K. He gave me the fast track education I needed to learn everything I needed to know about Lightroom. I’ve teamed up…

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