2019 How To Cartoon Yourself ! ReMastered RiceGum Tutorial ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR

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The Carpenters – This Masquerade (1973 / 2017 remastered) HQ 96Khz 24 bit Captured Audio

The Carpenters This Masquerade Now & Then 1973 audio captured, edited at 96kHz 24bit (using Adobe Audition) Turntable – Ariston Audio RD 40 Audio Technica Cartridge VM740ML Edited on Resolve 17 Studio Enjoy!..

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Boards of Canada – Old Tunes Vol 2 (Remastered)

I remastered this myself using Adobe Audition and Thimeo Stereo Tool. I used Audition to remove the noise and Stereo Tool to reconstruct the missing high frequencies. I honestly think this came out sounding better than AFOT, which I will upload soon. Also, to whoever copyright claimed Buckie High, you don’t fucking own it. Boards…

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