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The Animator Widget | 139 Animation Effects | Adobe Muse CC | Muse For You

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21 thoughts on “The Animator Widget | 139 Animation Effects | Adobe Muse CC | Muse For You”

  1. KTBFFH says:

    John I remember in one of your episodes you used the website for effects on texts copying the css code and incorporating it into muse. could you direct me to that episode as I can't see it anywhere.. Also, using his Animator Widget can I use text format or just images? thanks once again John.

  2. Lord Vader says:

    I dont think is ok to use open source animation library and make adobe muse ui over it and sell it for 50 dollar

  3. This widget can work in Adobe muse v15?

  4. I have a logo on the master page. is it possible to have that animate when the user visits the site the first time rather than having it animate as the user clicks on each page?

  5. Ahmad Nadzri says:

    hi John, could you do tutorial on how spin 360 degree 3D logo? or create 1 widget for it.

  6. it did not work for me. Im not sure what im doing wrong. What i did notice is that i dont have the " Select animation to start option"

  7. All widgets cost money, therefore dislike!

  8. Hi John, i have did some text animation by scrolling. At first, it goes fine. After i done a breakpoint, the animation started to animate without scrolling. Pls help!

  9. Albert Ford says:

    Awesome stuff! Subscribed and using it to build!
    Is it possible to apply multiple graphic styles to one object? Currently attempting to get the fadeinleft and the shake applyed to a Png. Both work separately and the only answer i found which was on the Adobe forum said I could add multiple styles by option+click and drag onto image after applying first style. That isnt working for me nor is creating a style based on the initial style. If its possible to use the widgets in such fashion, please let me know!

  10. L3SAN360 says:

    Hey man! I'm loving the results i have so far for my landing page. My question is.. the animation widget. It has options to set the start on load or on start.. what is the difference between them? When i refresh my website it flashes the animation really quickly just one time. How can i stop it from doing that

  11. Hey, im currently using the animator and im trying to figure out how to make an object loop like a cd. that is make it roll/rotate only like a cd would. which effect can i use for that?

  12. I'm working on a site that scrolls horizontally to the right as you scroll down with your mouse. The site was created by stacking sections on top of each other in Muse and adding scroll effects. Each part moves down 0px and to the left 1 px. I've linked to a video below to explain in more detail.

    Now that everything scrolls horizontally, I'm trying to add loading animation. I have them set to animate on start but only some of them work when they are supposed to. Others only work when I start scrolling from the end of the page and scroll back to the beginning.

    Do you know if there is a way to fix this or will it just not work with horizontal scroll?

    Muse Horzontal Scroll:

  13. Karpe D.M says:

    Hi John, one question: Are those animations mobile compatible??

  14. hey john, I bought the full package on (muse for you) do I get also the 130 animation effects

  15. Kevin Tutie says:

    Looking for a way to delay the fade after on start, is that possible?

  16. missed the Google hang-out when is the next one?

  17. just bought it…thanks for this one, you know I'm a fan

  18. hey John kinda off subject but where did you get the lion head image love it!

  19. Yue Liu says:

    nice !  agree with Enrique down below, buying right now

  20. I have seen a few of these widgets, they don't compare to this one, buying it right now!

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