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The Best Adobe Audition Workflow for Beginners

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33 thoughts on “The Best Adobe Audition Workflow for Beginners”

  1. Hi sir,
    Would you tell me how to record the metronome in adobe audition? Tks
    Sweet greet from 🇲🇨

  2. awesome, thank you, Mike

  3. Its really helpfull mike
    Tks a lot👍

  4. How can I communicate with you with a private conversation

  5. Thanks again Mike, learn something new on all your videos!

  6. Dave Novak says:

    You forgot to show like anything about Audition

  7. Hey Mike, could you show me how playback recordings from Audition CC? I'm using an Soundcraft SI Impact digital mixer at church.

  8. Are we able to make our own presets? And, how do I put in my list of sound effects?

  9. Edivan Jr says:

    underated channel, quality content!

  10. Excellent start for me as a beginner to adobe audition. Found this very clear and easy to understand , thank you !

  11. DHTE Music says:

    This is good for me an upcoming artist learning how music audio works and not depending too much on the Producers.

  12. In my Au my graphic interface see so big
    do you know why happens this?

  13. Thank you for the tips. 1st time using Audition.

  14. Coke Man says:

    I can't do the N key thing to get the normalise favourite to work – is there an easier video to watch? you had N but I cant even do that even after rewinding and watching your video ten times.

  15. Channelchen says:

    Hi Mike, thank you for posting this. Very helpful. I am an absolute beginner. I use the video editing Adobe program Premiere. Can you please show how to sound-edit interview tracks in Audition, save them, and then re-link those tracks with video footage back in Premiere so that they maintain synchronicity? Just messed up 3 days' work by directly saving Audition-edited tracks directly into Premiere timeline. BIG problems when rendering and exporting. Changes afterwards not possible. Could you please do a tutorial on that?

  16. Seth Gotell says:

    Anyway to disable hot keys?

  17. I miss Cool Edit Pro. For my needs this program has become like taking a Lamborghini to pick up groceries.

  18. Just Sing says:

    Hi Mike, I wish you can make a vid for basic templates for singing for subscribers like me, thank you.

  19. Gary C. says:

    Thank you -Beginner!

  20. Saad Bayabao says:

    you are the man. mike Russel..Thank you very much

  21. Terry Baddoo says:

    Great information but waaaaaaay too fast for beginners. Talking that quickly and zipping around the software like that is just confusing.

  22. Seems like your recording levels are too low at 2:10, you're peaking at around -25db.

  23. Hey is it for amateur or pro? Compare to Sonic Foundry or Sonar?

  24. 복복 says:

    Can not play in edit mode. Do you know how to fix it?

  25. 鱼小慢 says:

    Amazing work, thank you!

  26. 200 for the presets seems like allot especially as you would typically only yse 1

  27. That was like very useful. Thanks man!

  28. DrawnByShaun says:

    So audition became the new Soundbooth?

  29. Canyon says:

    damn, he sucks. charges literally 200 dollars for the preset and 300 for a lesson, fuck that.

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