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27 thoughts on “TIPS & TRICKS | ADOBE DRAW”

  1. debs shraff says:

    Finally a video with audio

  2. Sweta Mittal says:

    How to save images in transparent background

  3. It kinda hard to move the canvas in Adobe draw.

  4. Android doesnt have those options for rotate

  5. Jasmin E.W. says:

    Hi! How do i fill in the background with all 1 color? I want a blue page not blank🤷😊😁

  6. Chahek Gupta says:

    I can't find all the options… It is not showing options in the settings as yours

  7. Can I use these design for t shirt printing??? Plz reply me…

  8. Is there an option to cut a part of the drawing and move it around ? I use Adobe draw on the iPad. So please let me know what needs to be done.

  9. AmberPlays says:

    It doesn’t let me copy the colors-

  10. mu_z_u __ says:

    ലൈക്ക് മുഖ്യം..😲

  11. Thank you for making this video

  12. tabatchoy says:


  13. Adrian Grant says:

    That really helped out alot because I'm drawing and I'm like stuck on the on drawing nd ugh …. I didn't knw hw to shade it good

  14. Plz help how to rotate any site in Adobe illustrator drow Android plz help

  15. Stephluvs 28 says:

    How are you able to just see your drawing and not the picture I don’t know how to lol?

  16. Nuatė Mal. says:

    Is it just me or is it weird that he just has random girl pics on his phone?

  17. What brush sizes do you use, and which brushes do you use?

  18. Mugg le says:

    How to mange quality of design while posting on instagram

  19. OmegaWolf 5 says:

    Umm I can’t make my circle bigger

  20. OmegaWolf 5 says:

    Very helpful thank you

  21. Angelo Yuan says:

    How do you duplicate the shape you made?

  22. Who is the girl in the picture tho cause she has her face straight so it would be good to practice on

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