Adobe Tutorials Adobe Dreamweaver Trying out Adobe Dreamweaver for the First Time in 13 Years!

Trying out Adobe Dreamweaver for the First Time in 13 Years!

I used Dreamweaver quite frequently back in the early 2000’s. A subscriber asked me to do a tutorial yesterday, so I thought it might be fun to let you all watch me as I used it for the very first time in well over a decade. Enjoy!

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44 thoughts on “Trying out Adobe Dreamweaver for the First Time in 13 Years!”

  1. Eric Johnson says:

    This is a good video. Thanks for posting.

  2. J D says:

    I’m using an old version of dream weaver for PHP, but the hosting platform have been updated to a new PHP 7.5, so my code longer works (depreciated commands). Do you know if this Dreamweaver will work with current PHP platforms?

  3. AK Records says:

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  4. I don't remember Dreamweaver opening with this UI layout by default? This shouldn't be happening… Your layout settings aren't ideal especially not for a first time run.
    At least the visual design window should also be visible.
    Are you sure you haven't opened it before starting to record or did you choose the coder layout at first launch? Normally it asks this when first launched.It gives you the choice between 'developer' and 'standard' workspece. You clearly have chosen the developer one. You should mention/show this and not blame it on DW.
    If you choose the standard workspace, you get a nicely split layout with a visual layout.

  5. Gac Acg says:

    I was using earphones and the music at the end scares me ha ha ha

  6. yes to the 4k monitor, buy youtube is 1080p50.

  7. Alt Fit says:

    I just switched to notepad++ as Dreamweaver kept freezing.

  8. Alt Fit says:

    I just switched to notepad++ as Dreamweaver kept freezing.

  9. VS Code if you are doing Node/NPM. Dreamweaver if you are doing static sites, WordPress and heavy duty CSS styling/animations. choose the best tool for the job. Sometimes its a phillips screwdriver other times is a flahead.

  10. Adobe needs to rethink and COMPLETELY re-build and re-design Dreamweaver. And they should be taking cues from GOOD no-code web builders like Webflow. Webflow is good, but it's pretty proprietary. A stand-alone, powerful visual website builder, that also had a strong emphasis on code, and a no-code animation and interaction builder would be VERY attractive to me.

  11. They should modernize this and compete with Webflow

  12. rgaufman says:

    I haven't used Dreamweaver in 10 years as well. I'm really confused by Dreamweaver in 2019, who is it for?

    Any modern web app will use a JS framework like React with a backend API, or some kind of server rendering like Ruby on Rails and on the front end something Adobe XD or Sketch App for the design, or a CSS framework like Bootstrap to get started quicker. So what exactly is the point of Dreamweaver, who is it for? – is it just for beginners learning?

  13. RipoffGuy says:

    What in your opinion is the best web design software?

  14. I'm right there with you. I used to use PageMill back in the 90's, then Dreamweaver. I walked away for years. I came back to it and was totally lost! I made my site in Adobe Muse and then POW! Gone! Heading back to Dreamweaver.

  15. I have Dreamweaver but I use coding in it. Drag & Drop features should be removed.

  16. Bob Goat says:

    I think Dreamweaver CC (the very first version of Creative Cloud, version 13) was the best Dreamweaver if you liked the older versions from Macromedia. What makes version 13 the best (for me) is that's the first version that included "Fluid Grid Layouts" to help with making mobile responsive websites. Previous versions of Dreamweaver didn't have this feature (I kinda wish CS6 had this feature so that a subscription wasn't needed). Later versions seemed to focus more on Bootstrap and moved Fluid Grid Layouts off to the side.

    But now I use Pinegrow instead, no subscription needed. I like it better than Dreamweaver and the program seems to run quite a bit more efficiently. The WYSIWYG editor is a lot better also (you can open a URL and edit it directly and it looks just like it does in your browser).

  17. 3rdpoly says:

    have you tried scss with dreamweaver? I tried using some code from another video of yours, with maps and functions. But it seems to stop giving me any code hints the second I write primary and accent colours.. thoughts?

  18. My son was asking me if I ever did website stuff. I told him I used to play with Frontpage and Dream Weaver back in the 90's.

    I started searching out of curiosity to see if the products were still around.

    What the hell happened to the simple GUI? It has become so complicated! A monkey used to be able to do this in the 90's!!

    I watched you, who appears to be a seasoned coder, struggle for 5 minutes and I said "I have had enough I am done".

  19. Zach Hudson says:

    I was not prepared for that music to come in lol

  20. d'coder says:

    VS Code has an "Open with Live Server" option (Alt + L, Alt + O), by default I'm guessing since I don't remember installing it, which renders all changes live to in browser page.

  21. Gary are there any upcoming courses u got on lynda or did u stop

  22. Do people still use it? Should anyone use it?

  23. v s says:

    Hello ! Can I ask you to make a video about the Pinegrow web designer? Very cool program. I wonder your professional opinion)


  24. Once the only software to use for any serious web developer and industry standard in web design. No reason why it still couldn’t be used if you stuck to codeview.

  25. In the CSS designer if you click show set so it’s not checked it shows all possible CSS properties that you can change rather than you having to add them yourself.

  26. Tanmay Sinha says:

    Dreamweaver cs6 is not working on Windows 10 x64. I just installed crack version of Dreamweaver cs6 on Windows 10.. plz fix it..

  27. Dave Price says:

    it's under fonts code view

  28. Ivan Rosa says:

    oh yeah, front page was my Jam, I did various websites sites there transitioned to MySpace. but then I moved to IT, now I'm trying to come back to the devs land. does anybody remember SWISH? If anybody would make an awesome tool for CSS. that would be a killer app or extension

  29. Paul Newton says:

    So is the main selling point a window layout that has a view of rendered html + code editor?
    How does this meaningfully differ from the free workflow using chrome+devtools with local file editing?

  30. balaji mg says:

    Dreamweaver tutorial learn

  31. hey bro visual studio code also have auto save extension. you don't know? 😂😂😂

  32. Hi, does anyone know about Gary setup and rig. What is that Wacom and mic does he use i cannot see info anywhere?

  33. I am surprised how much Dreamweaver has changed so much. I haven't used it since 2004. I used Dreamweaver cs3 version. Thank you for showing this video.

  34. elleshar666 says:

    Used them all. Been using dreamweaver's code editor/live preview for about 15 years now.. it was never a wysiwyg drag and drop editor.. it had options to draw absolute divs I believe it still has but, in this 15 or whatever years I don't remember a single moment I ever had to draw anything to the screen..
    I used brackets and vs code. DW has them dead to rights if you know how to use it..

    What you'd call a "drag and drop" site buildier is adobe Muse..

  35. Just FYI – Adobe purchased Macromedia Inc. for $3.4 Billion in 2005. The deal took less than 3 days to be agreed on by both companies.

  36. DW still has a very powerful GUI-configurable find-replace, super convenient for converting HTML

  37. Dan Achim says:

    macromedia… ahh 🙂 long time ago. Flash & Dreamweaver were the best. Now vs code

  38. Flatmonk3y says:

    Go to window > Workspace Layout > Standard. That's much better layout

  39. Ankit Singh says:

    best way to hide mic boom arm just paint it green you can hide your boom arm just little bit more

  40. djblast101 says:

    I have not touched since 2009….. Crazy lol I have creative cloud suite let see if u convince me to try lol

  41. granuzlek says:

    This workflow.. just painful to watch 😜

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