Adobe Tutorials Adobe Audition UPDATED: Record Multiple Individual Tracks on the Zoom H6 in Adobe Audition (Windows/Mac Demo)

UPDATED: Record Multiple Individual Tracks on the Zoom H6 in Adobe Audition (Windows/Mac Demo)

This is an update from a previous video I did where I showed you how to record 2 track on the Zoom H6. In this video I demo a much easy way and you will be able to record up to 6 tracks. #zoom

Zoom H6 –

Thanks to BenoniStudio for getting me on the right track see the video

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23 thoughts on “UPDATED: Record Multiple Individual Tracks on the Zoom H6 in Adobe Audition (Windows/Mac Demo)”

  1. Jj Lopez says:

    April 2020 and this tutorial is still working. Thank you. *For MacBook Pro

  2. Dome Najera says:

    HI, quick question: what if I want to use the MS capsule as a mic in the multitrack session?

  3. Ece Dorsay says:

    A simpler Question : Can i record one track first into the Zoom then record the second n third track into the zoom? Or should they be recorded simaltenously?

  4. noefkie says:

    It's bizar to see this working. If I select the ASIO mode it get a pop-up that says: The device could not be opened! and behind Multi ASIO it says 'not working' … I red everything on the web but don't know what the problem is. I tried on my laptop and later on pc. Same issue. Somethimes my Zoom H6 is making a loud buzz when I disconnect the usb cable of turn off my Traktor controler that is attached. Also tried without the controler and with only using one channel. I'm about to send the Zoom back and maybe de device is broken…Anyone has the same issue?

  5. WALLEVISION says:

    Great video. But still I got some problems. My computer want to use the Zoom H6 recorder as a speaker(!), so I won't be able to listen to the recording in real time. Some conflict that I don't know how to change. I deactivated the H6 as a speaker in the windows setup, but still it will do the output through it – and with this settings I can't change Audio Hardware > Output – to my headphones jacked to my computer. Messed up. Someone who got an solution?

  6. Abdulla Own says:

    Hey I have a question? If am recording a meeting in a middle of a coffee shop with a songs in background can I separate the songs from the meet after recording it??

  7. Thanks so much! I am buying the UA 4-710d for my blue kiwi mic and Ephipone guitar. May I connect both my vocal mic and guitar into the compressor?

  8. Jason A says:

    Thanks for posting this follow-up, really appreciate it. One question – on the Zoom H6, when you go into USB Audio Interface mode, I assume you are selecting "Multi Track Mode", yes? Whenever I select that mode when connected to the Mac via USB, the H6 disappears as an available USB audio device. Works just fine in Stereo Mix Mode, in that the Mac can see it as an audio device, but my drop-downs in Audition only see the two tracks. Did I miss something?

  9. This is super interesting. Can you record on the device (H6) while passing the audio to the computer, thus creating an automatic backup?

  10. Tried using my H6 in Audition to no avail. I plug everything in and get levels on my H6. However, when I go to change the mono track input it only gives me inputs 1+ 2 (it doesn't give me the additional inputs like in the video. I've downloaded the multi track upgrade too. No matter which input I plug my mic into it doesn't read it. I think it might be reading the L + R only which I don't have the adaptor for. Can anyone help here?

  11. austin78993 says:

    I keep getting an error when I switch to the ASIO tab in the Audio Hardware tab. I downloaded the drivers and they all appear, but when I select them I get '(Not working)' in parenthesis and a slew of other errors when I try to record. I plugged in the headphones to the H6 and set it to multitrack and it seems to be working on there, yet for some reason it won't work as an audio interface. The one thing I did notice in some of these videos I've been watching is that normally a lightning bolt appears. I did not see that and don't know how to turn that on.

  12. Your comment "You could do more than two, but in this example I chose two" made me wonder. So you can record 6 tracks at once but there is only a stereo output. But can you get the six tracks out separately into your daw, one by one, implying I can break them into 6 separate tracks instead of a summed stereo track?

  13. unebonnevie says:

    Is there another software (FREE one) that can be used instead of Adobe Audition? Audacity can do it?

  14. Tricko says:

    H6 would be ideal if you could overdub using the internal mics (without carrying a computer or extra external mics) – you can,t πŸ˜• major oversight by Zoom.

  15. i have garage band but i just wanted to know about Β  Β adobe audition because Β i want to use this software for filming purposes

  16. so basically if i wanted to make a music cd with vocals i could do it with this program

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