Adobe Tutorials Adobe Audition Venom Voice Effect Adobe Audition Tutorial! | Film Learnin

Venom Voice Effect Adobe Audition Tutorial! | Film Learnin

Today we recreate the Venom voice effect from Venom 2018 with Flux audio’s Icram Trax V3 in Adobe Audition!

4K vintage title cards:

Icram Trax V3:

Download LINK:


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48 thoughts on “Venom Voice Effect Adobe Audition Tutorial! | Film Learnin”

  1. could you replicate the voice of the warmind rasputin from the game destiny 2?

  2. Rusty Torch says:

    ive actually been working on this without programs and im pretty close XD

  3. smooky says:

    I not find it for windows 8 >.> are always ask to upgrade windows 10 . look like the idiot compagnie forcind constumer to go in windows 10 x-x

  4. Elam Lamlam says:

    Can you do the spider man climding effect

  5. The video starts at about 1:48. You're welcome.

  6. PLEASSSEEEEE do a Donald Duck voice effect XD

  7. Please do a Ben 10 effect

  8. MOONIS IQBAL says:

    Nice tutorial bro. Here I have also tried to create the similar venom voice effect in audacity with much more dialogues
    (see the video)

  9. VanderGaming says:

    This sounds more like Virgil from Fallout 4..

  10. i heard the voice actor burps while doing the voice

  11. He Protecc
    He Attacc
    But most importantly
    He has many Snacc

  12. Como quisiera que esto este subtitulado

  13. Crow says:

    I did my own attempt at this and it was pretty close. I'd say closer than the video:
    I just used a very fast volume LFO to get the voice sound really gritty, then just compressed it a lot with Ableton's (a music software) compressors and removed some white noise and added an EQ afterwards

  14. aeko says:

    Icram, what? It's IRCAM, sir. As in the French computer music/research institute.

  15. Tony says:

    Beatbox 😂😂😂

  16. SeBBaN says:

    can you make ths voice to a real time voice changer pls

  17. arneos T says:

    its not really venoms voice but anyways cool effect

  18. 1:43 seconds of mostly bullshit .great start

  19. Long Skolade says:

    You are the best. I know I have said it before but I cant help it

  20. I can make venom voice without efect

  21. Fay Bay says:

    Didn’t sound anything like venom

  22. M says:

    is there's anyway that i could get trax v3 for free or free trial?

  23. Az Az says:

    Can u creat venom

  24. valkyrie says:

    He sounds like a RIP off Sam Elliott

  25. Dave Haydock says:

    That black guy that say “my god” where is that from ???

  26. Eyes! Lungs! Pancreas! So many snacks, so little time!

  27. Diven Pathar says:

    Is it possible to do the venom transformation effect

  28. Pepsy TV says:

    doesn't sound like venom to me 🙂

  29. how can i make this work trax v3 help

  30. Berke Baydar says:

    thanks for tutorial

  31. NaZmuZ SaKiB says:

    Can you plz make the venom distortion effect

  32. DaikoGaming says:

    I’m 13 and I can do a better impression with just my own voice

  33. Kai Hiwatari says:

    How do some youtubers sound like venom in online streaming??

  34. Diablo says:

    The Way i See It, We Can Do Whatever We Want.. Do we Have a D

  35. Anderson Ban says:

    can you do venom transferring into body

  36. MrTyson9988 says:

    0:13 min XDD That Clip XDD <3

  37. Basically dceu batman voice if you did it a little bit differently

  38. Just a movie concept I thought of after watching Venom lol

    Maddison Rhodes is a schizophrenic late teen that was born with telekinetic powers. After her father's sudden gruesome suicide, relentless bullying, and inability to pay for therapy, Maddison eventually turned to hard drugs in an attempt to cope. Doing drugs caused her schizophrenia to dramatically worsen, and activated her telekinetic powers. Her schizophrenia causes her to see a sadistic, terrifying, demon-like creature that embodies all of her inner self-hate and insecurities. ( The creature has no visible eyes or mouth on its rapidly morphing face but has a booming distorted voice. It is large in size, can morph its limbs into weapons, and is composed of flowing, dark, thick vapor.) This creatures only goal is to torment and mock Maddison as often as possible, bringing her to near insanity and suicide. Every time Maddison uses her powers, her schizophrenia causes her to believe the demon is the thing doing it. The closest way she has of controlling the demon is by attempting to command it, but that rarely works. This means Maddison isn't aware of her telekinesis, and can't control it because she believes her hallucination is doing everything. Her powers inevitably cause unwanted attention, forcing her to go on the run. Over time, as Madison slowly learns to trust and forgive others and love herself, her aggressive demon-like hallucination slowly becomes a more friendly, human-like, relatable halusination. The new hallucination is easier to command but isn't as strong as the demon hallucination. (her telekinesis isn't as strong) Maddison reaches a point where she can summon her different hallucinations by controlling her fears, anger, and anxiety. Each hallucination affects her telekinetic abilities differently. The aggressive demon is very strong and tough but is hard to control and is very impulsive and dangerous. The friendly humanoid isn't as strong but can quickly perform much more complex tasks that require finesse. Our story ends when Maddison uses moths worth of stolen money to finally find a quiet peaceful place to stay within the woods and quits drugs for good. Years pass and through intense meditation, Madison also manages to lock away her hallucinations for good, thus also getting rid of her powers. However, it is hinted that she can bring them back if she needs to… 🙂

  39. Jaden Ramos says:

    when you go to download the necessary files to lower the voice but then you just wish you had a natural deep voice because you see the price of 399.

  40. woaa..from thanos to venom..

  41. honorbound12 says:

    But I can do it without the editor

  42. OMG HAX says:

    a turd, in the wind

  43. Blue Water says:

    The first step won't work for me pls help :/

  44. I personally used GarageBand to create the effect before finding this. The effects I used were pretty different. Vocal transformer (pitch @ 0 and character @-4), tremelo, pitch shifter (-12 semitones @ 8% mix), and bass boost with eq. Most important thing I found was to give a super gravely performance.

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