Adobe Tutorials Adobe Dreamweaver What is Dreamweaver? 5 Reasons to start using it (An Overview)

What is Dreamweaver? 5 Reasons to start using it (An Overview)

What is Dreamweaver? It is a software program owned by Adobe and it allows you to design websites and build web applications.

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The tool has been around for more than 20 years and continues to be one of the premier web development tools today. I provide 5 reasons to start using Dreamweaver if you want to create websites . Knowing how to…

11 thoughts on “What is Dreamweaver? 5 Reasons to start using it (An Overview)”

  1. Schwerzli says:

    You explain realy well and short

    You deserve more subscribers ! 😉

  2. hi sir.. i find your videos easy to catch up with. do you have please another video of dreamweaver tutorials? it will be a great help thank you.

  3. d p says:

    So why not just say it's an IDE for website creation?

  4. I'm brand new to coding, if you fully coded and designed your website and you were ready to publish it are you able to do this from DreamWeaver? Is it simple to get your website up and running once you're finished? Or do you have to pay a company in order to put it out there? Thank you for the informational video!

  5. Cara Gold says:

    Please, remove your background music! It makes the video impossible to listen to normally… ughhhghhhhhhhh

  6. Math Math says:

    Happy coding! : )

  7. this is my favorite Wikipedia page

  8. Owen Monks says:

    Will it give me a virus?

  9. A quick overview. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments.

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