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What's New in Lightroom Classic Ver 8.4

In this video, I go over and demonstrate the new features added to the latest release of Lightroom Classic — Version 8.4

For a list of these features, go to Adobe’s website here:

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35 thoughts on “What's New in Lightroom Classic Ver 8.4”

  1. Hi, thank for your presentation. I wonder if you can explain to me why I can not check in the box (your video 4:07) for using GPU? Also: Preferences/Perfomance/Custom/Use GPU. Thank you!

  2. It stacks automatically in panorama and HDR if you just check the “box” for it, in the pano/HDR module..
    If you don’t want to proses many jobs at the same time.
    But this of corse you know😊

  3. Photog 1 says:

    Anthony, in the past I've been using PTGUI for merging panoramas and it does a very good job. With the new versions of PS and LR, is an app such as PTGUI necessary any more? Is LR and PS just as effective (or better)?

  4. John jon says:

    Is there  a way to enlarge the panel fonts for tools etc? make them easier to see and read it is a bitch in photoshop especially with a larger screen

  5. Oh!, thanks I actually have 2 4k monitor!, the one of the laptop ( 15”) and the external monitor (27”)where I actually work .

  6. It’s not indicated as shortcut in the menu (why Adobe?), but you can group into stack easy with Cmd+G 😉

  7. SDsc0rch says:

    Is this for Windows 7 too?

  8. Thank you for your excellent job. The last version keeps crashing with nvidia acceleration. Incredible that an image processing software could not manage a graphic card !

  9. Vita Leonis says:

    07:20 this is thee coolest thing ever! I never knew you could edit these. Thanks a ton!

  10. carl mcneill says:

    I recently bought a Tamron 24-70 G2 and the new Sigma sport 70-200. I can't remember if the Tamron was already supported but I know the Sigma hasn't been. I really hope they added lens correction for it or both.

  11. Ron Hoffmann says:

    I'm running Lightroom Classic on an early 2011 Macbook Pro, with 16G of RAM and an SSD. I immediately noticed the fan was significantly less taxed when in the library module, and during minor edits in the develop modeul. Unfortunately my Radeon graphics hardware is apparently no longer supported for acceleration in Lightroom, which is odd because the previous version I was running had some support, which wasn't working very well.

  12. simontramper says:

    On the point about ticking the box to engage the cpu on my windows 10 laptop it doesn't work, also with the box ticked auto or off lightroom is still laggy and crashes and stales its a right dogs dinner.

  13. Well, for that few minor updates they charge a monthly fee ! Give it a new name so we have a reason to keep stacking our dollars. People : break your link with Adobe and use programs that are similar (or even better) that you buy for a few monthly Adobe fees, and OWN and use for ever !

  14. Terry Haddow says:

    Thanks. Very helpful. I don’t use all the features of Lightroom, so these videos help me know what is new and what is useful. Thanks again.

  15. Thank you Anthony. I can use the color labels on folders, collections, etc. DIdn't know they were there. I can also use the batch processing as most of my landscapes are HDR. Too bad it doesn't work with focus stacking.

  16. Bob G5511 says:

    Thanks for the great summary!!!! Perfect timing, just downloaded updates.

  17. Jay G. says:

    My Performance tab with the custom box "Use GPU for image processing" is greyed out and will not allow me to check it. I am using the Nvidia GTX 580 (very old). It does show in auto mode that the Nvidia card "is working on basic graphics acceleration is enabled". Why can't I use the custom GPU setting? My GPU too old?

  18. Tom Bartol says:

    You have bad/shit graphics that's the problem…

  19. I always appreciate the explanation of new changes. I am pretty underwhelmed by the new update to LR Classic. Maybe for folk using newer equipment it will make a difference but in using a five year old MacBook Air, I really didn't see any performance difference in my quick testing and the new features in my opinion don't really add much value in my personal workflow. I keep expecting Adobe to add some significant new features since competitors like Capture 1 and On 1 Photo Raw have really closed the gap but I have not seen that yet. Maybe the fall update will be significant.

  20. John Callery says:

    Anthony thanks. I have a 4K monitor with Windows 10 and it has constantly crashed or locked up with Lightroom Classic over the last 2 years. When I would press "F" for full-screen mode the little circle comes up and goes round and round, the photo flashes on and off and then eventually locks up the system. I downloaded the update, enabled the custom GPU settings/version 5 and have spent the last 45 minutes trying to crash the system with Lightroom and this issue appears to be fixed. Hopefully, this is a permanent fix and folks with 4K monitors and Windows 10 will be able to enjoy crash-free editing. So far so good.

  21. I was hoping they would add heic/heif as an export option, PNG isnt all that interesting for photography

  22. Brad B says:

    Thank you Anthony, it really helps when someone explains the updates. What about the updates to Photoshop, camera raw, & Lightroom CC? They got updates with no explanation.

  23. LAZY DOG says:

    I hope they add something nice to LR mobile soon. Anything will do, I’m not too fussy 😀

  24. As always a pleasure to watch and hear. I'm happy about the hardware acceleration and will check it out 👍🏻😊

  25. Steve Grooms says:

    Pardon me for using this page as a way to share a tip you might appreciate. I don't know how else to do that. I recently edited about 600 images that were originally shot on slide film in 1974 and 1975. A professional house did a scan on them to convert them to digital images I could edit in Lightroom. Many of the scans were poor. At some point I liked my edits on most images, but a bunch of about 20 images defied my best efforts. Some were cityscapes. Some were interior shots where I had used a flash. Those images refused to look right to me. My sense was they looked "scuzzy." I played with contrast and brightness and saturation, but nothing seemed to make them right.

    Then I noticed that all my unsatisfying images had white elements, like advertising signs in cityscapes or little price cards stuck in among fruits in street markets. What I learned is that the human eye expects objects in less than ideal light to be somewhat dark, but it wants white objects to be close to white. That is, it is okay if an orange or apple is dark in an image where the light wasn't great, but anything white in a photo had to be close to white. In editing I worked with the local adjustment brush to make white things whiter (by turning up exposure and/or turning down saturation). And that did it. My scuzzy images finally popped. You might want to try this.

  26. Up-a-Creek says:

    I've got 8.3.1 and my creative cloud program shows me "up to date"… how did you get 8.4?

  27. Jay Barclay says:

    Very nice. Quick question: My hard drive is getting filled with LR backup files. Am I safe deleting old ones and keeping most recent? My .LRCAT is hidden in one of these past BU files. I know I must keep that. (Is this an easy answer or a topic for a future (or past?) video?

  28. bangroad says:

    Doesfree Nik software still work? It doesn't in Photoshop 2019

  29. Great, fast, timely lesson. Thanks !!

  30. This GPU update is significant if you have a powerful graphics card. In your case, it's not a powerful card so you won't feel a big difference.

  31. Best Place says:

    Nice review Sir reply liked the way you described

  32. In this video, I go over and demonstrate the new features added to the latest release of Lightroom Classic — Version 8.4

    For a list of these features, go to Adobe's website here:

    My Lightroom Presets & Profiles are on sale for 1/2 price. If you're interested, email me here to get the special Promo Code:

    Spelled out that is:

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