Adobe Tutorials Adobe Lightroom Which Adobe Photo Editing Software is Best for YOU: Comparing Photoshop, Elements, and Lightroom

Which Adobe Photo Editing Software is Best for YOU: Comparing Photoshop, Elements, and Lightroom

For further guidance in choosing the correct photo editing software for your travel photography, check this out:

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I get asked all the time about the amount of “photoshopping” that I do. Actually, I don’t even really edit my photos all that hard. However, choosing a good photo editing software is extremely important as a couple small edits make a massive difference. But with so many…

38 thoughts on “Which Adobe Photo Editing Software is Best for YOU: Comparing Photoshop, Elements, and Lightroom”

  1. jinhi9005 says:

    Appreciate Video clip! Excuse me for the intrusion, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you researched – Riddleagan Made Masterpiece Remedy (just google it)? It is a great exclusive product for learning professional photo editing without the normal expense. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my friend got excellent success with it.

  2. Great video…you're a natural presenter and it was really clear and helpful.

  3. This is just what I needed to decide what software is best for me. Thanks!

  4. Rob Bastien says:

    I outsource my graphic designs and do light changes, if needed, using Elements. Do you find that there is an critical feature that is missing from Elements?

  5. Thanks.This is really helpful.

  6. Sergio Bedon says:

    I can't find Photoshop

  7. you know how many Hispanics will call you for a green card hahaha

  8. Matt Smith says:

    In the elements program is there a tool where I can pick a single color on my picture and enhance only that color?

  9. E Ellner says:

    This video was great. simple and to the point. 100% helped point me in the right direction and helped me understand the basic differences in a very simple way. Thanks.

  10. jroller650 says:

    Thanks bud! Extremely helpful.

  11. Mrs.Dixon18 says:


    which is best for making flyers!!! I want to make flyers for various occassion, weddings, etc!!! please help!!!

  12. Archie Co says:

    thanks bro very informative.

  13. B M says:

    Decisions made easy (photographers):

    Lightroom: if you want to quickly edit realistic photography without the need for massive retouching. And make your photos look beyond amazing.

    Photoshop: If you want to take 4 times as long enhancing your photo, OR if your work requires massive retouching/manipulation (which it shouldn't).

    90% of photographers should be using lightroom, not photoshop.

  14. It was helpful, thank you!

  15. SRGross says:

    Gimp is very good

  16. Morris Hill says:

    Brendon thanks for the video, you have a new subscriber. I've only recently started to pursue a career into photography and I can't help but to ask for any recommendations or advice you might have for obtaining different types of work until I find my exact niche. Thanks.

  17. moosti M says:

    Hi I've just started photography and I was wandering what's the best, easy to use editing software, I'm prepared to pay a little extra of a good one, anyone answer please.

  18. I like to shoot raw and need a software that will be able to convert to jpeg, something like bridge in PhotoShop.

  19. As of right now I have Lightroom and just like you I do 90% of all my editing in there; however, I was to step up my game a little more and try to challenge myself. Does Adobe Creative Cloud have ALL the same functions as Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 or does it lack a few things. Is CC worth it because iv had great experiences with Lightroom and it looks generally pretty close to CC; CC wouldn't be worth it, id just go with Element 13. Any advice on which either CC or Element 13 would be a better buy would be greatly appreciated.

  20. lhawkins says:

    Review was awesome, but like some of the comments below, I use Photoshop Elements 12 and Lightroom together. You can do 98 percent of what you need there such as composite, a lot of guided edits, layers and masking, uploading to Facebook or YouTube, photography, and digital scrapbooking, videos, and slide shows. I love it because it has a photo bin where I can bring in multiple photos and see them at the bottom, not to mention raw files, and the intuitive features of working with my Canon DSLR camera. I also subscribe to Elements Techniques Magazine to learn from Pros and Expert in the field of Photography. With that being said its cheaper, I own it, and with a little practice you can create some amazing work, where you can't tell which one you used. But Keep up the great work love your videos.

  21. Hex Google says:

    Thanks. This is really helpful

  22. Thanks for the overview!  I have elements and lightroom (both are great).  

  23. dogahog says:

    Brendan thanks heaps for your video. It has answered a lot of my questions. Peace out.

  24. XZodiakX says:

    its funny how he said 95% of his work was used in Lightroom then near the end he said 45%  lol

  25. Can you use raw photos in Photoshop Elements?

  26. Jay Lock says:

    this tutorial sucks ass

  27. WutTheDeuce says:

    Have these always been pay by the month? Dumbest thing I have ever heard of. Any way to nickle and dime ppl. Monthly plans for photo editors, what a joke. Was going to buy one but finding that out, no way.

  28. Trying to find the right photo editing software for you?  I explain the various Adobe programs to help walk you through the process. 
    Which Photo Editing Software is Best for YOU: Comparing Photoshop, Elements, and Lightroom 

  29. Bill Chan says:

    I like photoshop elements because I can do panorama stitching (Photo merge functions) in a very easy way. For group pictures, I use group shot function to fix common issues like closed eyes. I agree that Photoshop is not as useful as Lightroom for photo editing. However, I do use Photoshop for my design which LR cant do some stuff. I can create a 3d/2d space just using PS. 

  30. Excelente video dude, ur great =)

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