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Why Adobe Audition Multitrack Mixdowns Reduce Audio Volume

Tha Adobe Audition multitrack mixdown feature can end up reducing the amplitude of your final mixed down audio. Why is this and what’s the difference between 32 bit vs 16 bit audio? More at

22 thoughts on “Why Adobe Audition Multitrack Mixdowns Reduce Audio Volume”

  1. Is this still an issue? I'm not finding a "Preferences" or "Default Panning Mode" in the version of Audition I'm using.

  2. THANK YOU! i thought i was loosing it… couldnt get my songs loud for the life of me

  3. Subscribed! Man your tutorials are so useful. BUT on this one you should have mentioned that you need to start a new session. Most people I know end up using the same templated project for multiple sessions.

  4. Hi, I'm using Audition 2020, And my 5.1 project gets lowered down in volume when mixing down to stereo. I checked the settings presented in this video but the setting is rigth still the export has lower volume. What's wrong in Audition 2020?

  5. Louis says:

    thanks so much!

  6. Yep. Gave you a like anyway but I did exactly what you did, same version everything. No luck for me :- still getting that drop. Its just 2 DB now so that's something.

  7. What if!!! It didn't work for me?))

  8. You're a life saver!!! I can't thank you enough!! I never had this issue, until today..I mixed a track, and from nowhere it was very quiet. Thank you so much.

  9. Mr Mario says:

    Saved me in 2019!! Thanks man!!

  10. MaldoMusicTV says:

    I'm so mad this went over my head and I couldn't figure out why… but it was right in front of my face the entire time. Lmao. Thank you

  11. You're a genius. I've been pissed off with this auto function.

  12. dude, you are so consistently awesome.

  13. Brian Thor says:

    You sir have captured our tourtured audio mixing hearts. I cannot express the level of thanks for how damned easy you made this for us. It was driving us bonkers

  14. Thanks a lot …. I've been trying everything .. Thanks for sharing info (Y)

  15. Steve Kralik says:

    But you didn't answer WHY Audition does this by default! What's the purpose Adobe had in mind?

  16. Isaac Danna says:

    WOAH!!! Dude, I have had this problem for years and I couldn't find the answer….seriously..thank you so much! Liked and Subscribed!

  17. Shine 104.9 says:

    Thanks. Do you have an email where we can contact you directly?

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