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Why Companies might let you PIRATE Software

Adobe’s Creative Cloud is among the most pirated programs out there. But why – and which benefits does this have for the consumer and potentially even the company? Isn’t it inherently bad? Welcome to Explained & talked about.

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14 thoughts on “Why Companies might let you PIRATE Software”

  1. hey man u need to work on sound quality on the other hand everything is good

  2. NathanH83 says:

    I purchased an older version of After Effects and Premiere on eBay, and then I went through books to learn it. Then I upgraded to a newer version by paying for the legitimate copy. It eventually paid off after all the video projects, weddings, etc. that I did for people. But I sold the old software back on eBay.

    I think it makes more sense to just buy the software, and spend time learning it. If you don't end up using it, or don't find it interesting, then just don't upgrade to the newer version, or cancel your subscription.

  3. 1 p1r4t3d s0m3 guy's b4nk 4cc0unt. But h3y, 4s t0 b3 3xp3ct3d fr0m 4 v1rus.

  4. I recommend it cuz for final cut pro…damnnn im not paying 300$ yet cuz i finally got my first job 😂😂 also for photoshop its smooth and its great

  5. Pika Power says:

    I bet at least 25% of people that pirate ae are just making amv's

  6. Curiosity says:

    Agreed and these free trials should be 6 months to a year.

  7. MrKockabilly says:

    Software companies now let you download free trial versions which have practically same features as the real one but on a usually 30-month period (like adobe premiere). Or non-expiring free version but with limited features (like hitfilm).

  8. Rover Lenza says:

    You have potential!
    keep the good work!!!!

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  10. Cecil Marvin says:

    This channel has very interesting content. Keep it up👌

  11. 502 kicker says:

    yeahhhh, Nice Brian… almost 1k subs, congrats mate, remember I was here since you had 71 subs!!! you deserve millions subs :v. again, congrats!!!

  12. Thanh-Son P. says:

    Almost 1k subscribers yeahhh !

  13. I used to use a pirated copy of premier for editing now I make money and for convenience I pay monthly now

  14. always thought about it , at last it only increases its popularity and compensates for its monetary benefit .

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