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Why I Don't Use Adobe Creative Cloud Anymore


Let’s talk today a bit about adobe and all of their popular software and the reason why I switched from them.

In the past year I made the switch from adobe premiere pro to davinci resolve for my video editing needs.

I was a heavy user of photoshop to refine my images and to create my thumbnails, I have switched over to affinity phot.
For my illustration work I went from adobe illustrator to affinity designer.

I am still…

42 thoughts on “Why I Don't Use Adobe Creative Cloud Anymore”

  1. Dev Ed says:

    Do you use any adobe products?

  2. GuyParodie says:

    I got the same holes in my beard

  3. factotum218 says:

    My rule is if it's an industry-standard, I'll let the industry provide it. I use Adobe at work, but I don't need it otherwise.

  4. GentleGoat says:

    The UI was the biggest reason why I was so reluctant to switch from FNC to Premiere. Always felt that the learning curve could be significantly flattened considering how big the company is

  5. Jo Brook says:

    your face expression reminds me of the ugly girl next to my crush ……..all gossip and hate…………..

  6. i've had a lot of cracks watching you lol

  7. Recently, I was looking to get design tools to do creative contents and designs for my marketing plans and I was optimistic about adobe since a lot of people were using it. However, as I was looking at their product/s, I got so confused. Long story short, I actually did try to understand but give up because they made it so darn difficult. So, I went and search for their competitors and never look back.

  8. I was extensively using after effects and premiere to compose and edit 3D renders, I went through so much issues and I really was used to get bugs and poor performance. Then i switched to Da vinci resolve and just discovered how much adobe got late in term of performance, usability, workflow. I would't ever go back to adobe for this kind of works.
    thanks for the video by the way !

  9. You know how when you visit a website that looks like shit and swamps you with ads and it feels like they are desperate. That's Adobe right now. They're just raking it in while they can

  10. Capture One is actually very intuitive. Two weeks on, and I'm doing way more advanced photo edits in it than I was able to after 8 years of experience with Lightroom.

  11. Yup, such an asshole move. Completely manipulative. It's like PERPETUALLY having to rent a musical instrument! About to buy Affinity Designer in a second, instead of wading into endless payments for Illustrator

  12. I’ve used Adobe since the 90’s. It is a brilliant product BUT! The subscription they charge is just totally ludicrous 🤯! If they had various bundle options at a decent rate, then it would make sense to many of us but they don’t! Pay for the ENTIRE suite when you make use of a hand full of apps 🤦🏻‍♀️ I think many creatives are going move to apps that don’t lock you in like Adobe does! I hope Adobe gets dethroned as it’s just becoming ridiculous for a freelancer to afford! Good on you for making this video! 🙌

  13. RiverRuns NC says:

    Used Photoshop while in college…and have been out of it for years.

    So this Creative Cloud.. I can't just direct purchase PS for us at my home for $$? I have to pay subscription?

  14. Zuma Maya says:

    Try Affinity software…I'm currently making the transition. I still use CS6 for professional design work.

  15. I live in Brasil, most of the creatives don't have money and start using cracked adobe software because previously the price for one program (Photoshop for exemple) was too expensive about 3 or 4 minimum wages. And now, with the new business model, i can get all the programs for only 1/10 of the minimum wage!

  16. E MC2 says:

    I went a year without adobe. Went to Affinity Design and Affinity Photo. Couldn’t stand it. Went back to Adobe.

  17. Samuel Mingo says:

    I don’t do any crazy editing, neither in my photography, nor in my videos. I bought some apps, and do everything from my iPad Pro. I haven’t touched adobe since they switched to the subscription model.

  18. MidnightGG says:

    This guys have little bit of indian in himself. If you know what I mean.

  19. Purple girl says:

    I never bought that crap. Thank you for this.

  20. Colin Sevier says:

    because you can't afford it?

  21. belleclover says:

    I got a lightroom ad during this video loll

  22. Please list the video Ed apps you use by link please n thanks

  23. Cpt Brncls says:

    Capture One kicks Lightroom's ass to the gutter

  24. Chan Gary says:

    Great review! Can’t agree more as a over 15yrs of Adobe users. I’m going away from Adobe too. I can’t stand the UI anymore after using software like Sketch and Figma.

  25. I love the way there was an Adobe product ad right in the middle of this 😂

  26. Linux is also gaining alot of native creative software across the board which is pretty exciting.

  27. Corel AfterShot Pro is a decent alternative to LightRoom

  28. I agree with Dev. Adobe products are probably the best on the market. But I am an "enthusiast" and cannot justify the cost. I understand Adobe is a company and needs to make money. I wish they would adapt a personal vs commercial pricing model to give people like me an opportunity to use their products.

  29. I have tried, dozens of times to use adobe products. It's just not intuitive enough for me.
    They've changed soooo much too. From the late 90's, early 00's, it was much easier to use.
    I use Cyberlink Suite for all my video/audio youtube video's. It's very easy and you own it.

  30. Lenny C says:

    Bang! You are exactly right — I left Adobe some years ago and have never been happier. I hope others realize this and get the heck off Adobe. Nice video…

  31. Adobes apps portfolio looks like a periodic table

  32. Jack Burrows says:

    In the middle of this video an ad pops up for Lightroom LOL

  33. Remous says:

    I got a photoshop ad on this lol

  34. Tech Space says:

    The only annoying one is After Effects, if you want to do basic animation work and compositing you can probably get away with motion 5 but it’s really frustrating that there is literally no good alternatives for after effects.

  35. Ankit Nagpal says: is offering whole adobe suite for free. Use that.

  36. Triple says:

    I just crack them.

  37. TRIPEE says:

    i am in the shp with jack sparrow coz we together steal and pirate adobe. i ma a thieffff

  38. Raptor Swire says:

    amen. I am unsubscribing my Adobe pack. I paid enough and the UI is pi**ing me off 🙂 Switching to Affinity Designer + Krita

  39. I s*** at designing

    –crying in corner

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