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You can no longer BUY Adobe Photoshop

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You did read the title correct, you no longer can purchase Adobe Photoshop. Adobe is the latest in a line of companies to move to a subscription only model. If you can’t purchase it how will you be able to get it? Well you will have to pay a monthly subscription to have access to the entire Adobe Creative Cloud or individual programs. (You will still be able to purchase Adobe Lightroom, at least for…

24 thoughts on “You can no longer BUY Adobe Photoshop”

  1. Son Of Hibbs says:

    It’s extortion and scalping the public.

  2. I am loving that man’s Afro 😍😍😍 yessss daddy

  3. In the long run the world would be a better place for artist if cutthroat greedy Adobe and Apple just went away.

  4. Frukwon 420 says:

    why does no body petition this shit

  5. conjure26 says:

    our friends have all stopped using Adobe here.

  6. Takshashila says:

    This decision was batshit.
    Hate adobe still in 2019

  7. GXY-Loxrius says:

    For someone who taking course multimedia it really hurt a lot

  8. I bought a genuine CS6 suite seven years ago for my daughter when she started Kingston University London .I got it at the student discount rate I think it cost me £580, It is the genuine article. 
    This week I get notifications from Adobe saying that my version is not genuine and they will not look into it unless I find the original invoice .
    Seven years, and three house moves later and I can't find the invoice YET , I do have it somewhere but Adobe will keep sending their pop up window telling I have fake software until I can prove I bought it from them. I can't believe Adobe don't have a record of my purchase.

  9. 20 x 12 is what like 120….yep haha how about nope.

  10. Mister GGG says:

    There is no "sweet spot" on paying for renting. BOYCOTT CLOUD BASED SOFTWARE! You don't need it, you can still use your older existing software AND you don't have to waste time learning something new that really doesn't improve your productivity.

  11. Adobe sucks. Just simply ignore their products.

  12. parz1 says:

    FUCKING HELL i cant get any software without spending way to much the hell!!! affinity isnt working out for me so what now 100s of dollars a year???

  13. Facebook, software subscriptions, etc…. it's like people can't wait to jump on board the trains to the slaughter house

  14. The Nasty says:

    This is an old video but I just realized they charge $30 a month now for just illustrator. Adobe are shits and don’t deserve our money. They didn’t swap to a subscription based model to save the customer money, that’s for certain.

  15. lunaedits says:

    im so annoyed because, my school are starting to do a term of graphic design and I wanted to get photoshop, then I realised that u can't actually buy photoshop. I'm pissseeddd

  16. Appreciate Video! Apologies for the intrusion, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you tried – Riddleagan Made Masterpiece Remedy (do a google search)? It is a great one of a kind guide for learning professional photo editing minus the headache. Ive heard some super things about it and my mate after many years got excellent success with it.

  17. A graphic artist uses multiple softwares. Paying a rent to do a job that it is not going to work unless you are subscribed for ever it is not wise. It is going to back fire and make piracy even more common. Many who can not afford it will try to get in the black market. You are narrowing the market of creativity. You can not buy creativity. Good luck!!

  18. How much did you get paid to advertise cloud? It is like medicine or medical care Greedy Bustards

  19. but with the old model i could by a older version of photoshop and later if i liked it i could buy the newer most update version later. not everyone can afford the subscription model at the moment and in the moment and the school discount per month is only $4 off the price and this is fracturing its customers as a image made in Photoshop may not be compatible with software like gimp. this may not seem to be a huge problem to most of you but their are entire file types only available in photoshop and a gaming company that plans on allowing modding if you op to use them you limit the amount of mods that can be made for your game because over 90% of your community use's gimp because they can't afford it. Witch can be vary bad for the company of set game because there a small company and can't afford to make enough dlc to keep the game fresh and unfortunately you already sunk most of what your profits were going to be developing the base game and that dlc is kinda where you were planing on making most of your profits but now that everyone is leaving you don't even know if your even going to be able to break even.

  20. Zack8133 says:

    where can i get that star wars I Shoot Raw tshirt?

  21. Its basically like renting photoshop. I always thought this was pathetic. I dont like where things are going.

  22. sjeeke says:

    Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer are what I use now…

    I used to occasionally use Photoshop, Illustrator and sometimes Indesign. When Adobe introduced the subscription model I eventually switched to Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer as a replacement for Photoshop and Illustrator respectively. Even though they do not have all the exact features, they come pretty close and some features are actually even better. Affinity Photo and Designer are a lot cheaper and – for me – very good alternatives. I will NOT be locked into Adobe's subscription model.

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